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sensitive to sexual stimulation

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What do a toilet, a wedding anniversary and a woman's most erogenous zone have in common?
The back is the new erogenous zone, but you won't see gowns that dip below the waistline as we did last year,'' Hall adds.
Though for a calloused few feet are to be considerately stored away in Mother Hubbard's basement, women actually ranked their feet the number five erogenous zone in a recent top ten survey(a).
The freakalistic sauce of lead single Coffee makes his erogenous intentions real and clear, while What's Normal Anyway?
The research confirms for the first time what many women have experienced themselves - that their nipples can be an erogenous zone too.
Massage can be amazing foreplay so move gradually towards her erogenous zones.
I'm called a hypochondriac But I know I'm bloody ill I've got a yellow stye on my eye And I'm developing a chill The doctor said conjunctivitis Well let me look and see What did you have for breakfast It looks like scrambled egg to me Being a hypochondriac I've worried all my life I've got gall stones and erogenous zones I caught them off the wife But this week a miracle came my way And they don't happen every day DSS Mann Island said: "Yer fit now Bob We've signed you off, go get a job" Can't see two miracles happening in one week, can you?
But I have seven or eight plays - Erogenous Zones, Roots and Wings, Breaking The String, A Kiss On The Bottom, Sleeping With Mickey, All's Fair - which are not just funny, they are more than that.
Ernst Grafenberg's work was soon overshadowed by research and discussion about that other female erogenous spot, the clitoris.
Draw a chart on your lover's body, mapping out all their erogenous zones (make sure you use something that is water soluble
But before getting into that little black dress, apply your favourite fragrance to erogenous zones like your collar bone and inner arms.
The scientist who once demonstrated that sexual arousal makes you sneeze because the blood rushes to your nose - it being made of the same tissue as the more obvious erogenous zones - says that Pinocchio was spot-on.
To another juror's question about oral sex, the president underlined the distinction in the Jones suit listing several erogenous zones in the definition of sex.
What lay behind this hankering was a long tradition of black esthetics based on the erogenous display of the female buttocks.
London, Jan 29 (ANI): The search for G-spot has begun all over again, courtesy the French who've dismissed British scientists' claims that the fabled erogenous zone doesn't exist.