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sensitive to sexual stimulation

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Branch said, "I know how much a man would lose to have the most erogenous part of his genitals cut off'.
For the record, the Facebook one usually comes first, followed by the article on secret erogenous zones.
Taking cues from Matisse, Wesselmann distills these supine bodies to their sexual essence, a flesh-scape where heads and torsos may be marked only by their erogenous zones.
JENNY, Hollywood, BirminghamAFEET and legs are sensitive erogenous zones with a mass of nerve endings, Jenny.
But there is a drawback to the decision to organize content around erogenous zones.
Truth and childhood needs, power and control in relationships, fetishes and secret erogenous zones--these are some of the themes explored by Renate Stendhal in Love's Learning Place: Truth as Aphrodisiac in Women's Long-Term Relationships (EdgeWork).
One highlight was a talk on the P-spot, an erogenous alternative to the G-spot.
George navigates the reader through the gritty New York streets revealing an underground erogenous culture of successful buppies.
There is one typical Bruckheimer plot, however, involving prostitutes who douse erogenous body parts with a knock-out potion, with gratuitous (if artily shot) flashbacks giving us every lurid detail of how the potion was in fact ingested.
Since then, Newsweek says, this formula has been a road much travelled: "Anything that limits personal freedom is darkness--except for these seven spiritual laws, these ten celestine insights, this map of your erogenous zones.
A cross between The Twilight Zone and The Erogenous Zone, it was a kind of surreal Brigadoon for Bampots which made little sense.
But in Japan, the neck is considered an erogenous zone, and women are advised to wear high-necked blouses or a scarf.
Some research findings support the potential for an SCI woman to reach sexual satisfcation by stimulating other erogenous areasor using fantasy.
php) features sex educators, medical professionals and relationship experts addressing subjects such as birth control and erogenous zones.
The underrated erogenous zone is the fleshy part of the vagina above the labia, also known as the pubic mound, but most people skip over it during foreplay.