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Synonyms for eroded

worn away as by water or ice or wind


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Washington DC [United States] January 20 ( ANI ): United States secretary of defence Jim Mattis has warned that the US military's competitive edge has eroded in every domain.
And I knew that na-erode na yun but nagulat ako na ganun kababa (it was eroded but I was surprised it was too low).
Hoping to speed this recovery, scientists are now dumping sediment from inland areas onto the eroded marshes.
But while grounds and their temples have largely been restored by the National Trust, the great palace itself, though watertight, was slowly being eroded by time and schoolboys.
The three counties with the greatest percentages of eroded coastlines are in Poland with 55 percent of the coast eroded, in Cyprus 37.
It had eroded the base of the pterygoid plates and infiltrated the lateral pterygoid muscle.
Gehrels of the University of Arizona in Tucson report that about half the zircons they analyzed came from the Appalachians, and about one-fourth had eroded from ancient rocks in central Canada.
Many observers complain that it has eroded legislative control over agencies.
Took the dust of an eroded footprint, rolled as if thru dirt I'd see the coming forth of suns.
He cautioned, however, that enthusiasm for recovery from a recession that seriously eroded domestic and foreign demand for steel castings is somewhat guarded.
This price initiative was linked to badly eroded profit margins as well as cost pressure from feedstocks.
Either way, the coverage ratios have eroded since last review.
I sheet, stiffeners, retainer plates in the eroded portions of ESP inlet side funnel areas, strengthening of eroded welding joints, patch welding the eroded portions and application of insulation including the cost of insulation materials
In some cases, the researchers found large-scale farming eroded lowland agricultural fields at rates comparable to glaciers and rivers in the most tectonically active mountain belts.
The skull Radecki and Rebecca found was actually being eroded out of the rock, so it would have been destroyed, county Park Ranger Jack Farley said.