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the expensive white fur of the ermine

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mustelid of northern hemisphere in its white winter coat

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Butterfly Conservation says it is the season for ermine moths.
A council spokesman said: "We are aware of a non-hazardous infestation of bird cherry ermine moth caterpillars at St Dogmaels Avenue in Llanishen.
Apple ermine moths usually grow to have a wingspan of between 19mm and 26mm.
Unfortunately for people trying to identify a spindle ermine moth, they are almost identical to the apple, but can be distinguished by the fact they eat spindle, not fruit trees.
This species is a major parasite of ermine moths in Europe (Junnikkala I960), causing relatively high percentage parasitism, ranging from 10 to 40% (Balachowsky 1966; Zayachavskas et al.
Forest Research Institute 1969) are known hosts of apple ermine moth.
Nearly all were Korean and Chinese Ageniaspis fuscicollis wasps, parasites of the apple ermine moth, received during the summer.
These striking and obvious webs hide hundreds and sometimes tens of thousands of caterpillars of a group of moths called the small ermine moths.
We're hoping the wasps will suppress ermine moths on backyard trees and in abandoned orchards in western Washington," says Unruh.
From Chinese apple orchards and lone trees, Pemberton gathered dry, mummified remains of ermine moth caterpillars.