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Synonyms for ermine

the expensive white fur of the ermine

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mustelid of northern hemisphere in its white winter coat

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When I walk out I can't hop and run; I must strut on my rear legs and wear an ermine robe
But I have known the forest and the free life, and that is why I resent being civilized all at once, against my will, and being made a King with a crown and an ermine robe.
All the old ladies in both families had got out their faded sables and yellowing ermines, and the smell of camphor from the front pews almost smothered the faint spring scent of the lilies banking the altar.
That is he in the rose-colored doublet with the ermine.
His dress was a tunic of forest green, furred at the throat and cuffs with what was called minever; a kind of fur inferior in quality to ermine, and formed, it is believed, of the skin of the grey squirrel.
On the front benches were already a number of venerable figures, muffled in ermine, velvet, and scarlet.
This is the best of silk and camel's hair, real ostrich feathers, and an expensive ermine muff.
And his House of Lords ermine gown made PS360 instead of PS80.
There may also have been an introduction locally to the nearby mosslands in this airt for I well remember Ermine many years ago accompanying a colleague on to the mosses where we had been asked to pass comments on a proposal to extract peat commercially.
Police charged Neil Harker Moor, of Ermine Road, Chester on Tuesday with robbery and possession of a knife in relation to the incident and he appeared at Chester Magistrates Court yesterday (Wednesday).
And he is called L 'Ermilio , too--see the ermine she caresses, fierce and priapic, he strength of her (oversized you think?
Now the insects, which will one day turn into ermine moths, have now started covering people's cars as well as their gardens.
last quarter 19th century, painted rawhide disc with brass gear at center and beaded border, ermine and quill-wrapped hair drops, 1g.
This somewhat startling advert for C&A's "Fur Week" - featuring low prices on beaver lamb fur, ermine and coney - shows just how much times have changed It may look like something from the 19th century, but even as recently as 1956 the ECHO's front page contained only adverts, rather than news stories The ECHO ran a weekly column by popular pianist Liberace - here he revealed how much loved British policemen This advert proves Rolos are one of the few things that haven't changed in 60 years