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a plant sterol that is converted into vitamin D by ultraviolet radiation

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The analysis and quantification of ergosterol was as described by Chong et al.
Ganodermasides C and D, two new anti-aging ergosterols from spores of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum.
Azoles bind to cytochrome P-450 fungal enzyme, resulting in a decrease in synthesis of ergosterol and an increase in permeability of the membrane.
2000) activities, and contain biologically active components such as nucleosides (cordycepin; 3'-deoxyadenosine, and adenosine), polysaccharides and ergosterol (Li et al.
Terbinafine acts by preventing ergosterol biosynthesis via inhibiting the squaleneepoxidase which is a part of the fungal sterol synthesis pathway that creates the sterols needed for the fungal cell membrane
In fact the sterol for the plant kingdom is ergosterol and any plant product therefore can be labelled as cholesterol free.
Live yeast cells respond to UV light in the same way that human skin responds to sunlight, by transforming ergosterol into vitamin D, resulting in a yeast that's naturally rich in vitamin D.
This has been attributed to their high dietary fibre levels [2] and other components such as eritadenine, guanylic acid and ergosterol [3].
The cyp51A gene encodes the target of azoles, lanosterol 14[alpha]-demethylase, and this enzyme catalyzes a step in the biosynthetic pathway of ergosterol (an essential cell membrane component of filamentous fungi).
Also known as ergocalciferol, this form is manufactured by UV irradiation of ergosterol from yeast (Figure 2).
Mushrooms contain a high level of the ingredient ergosterol, needed for vitamin D.
Ilk triazol preparatlarindan flukonazol etkisini sitokrom P-450 sistemine bagli bir enzimi etkileyerek ergosterol sentezini bozar ve biriken steroller hucre fonksiyonlarini bozarak hucrenin olumune yol acarlar (5).
2], also called ergocalciferol, is manufactured through the ultraviolet irradiation of a substance called ergosterol that comes from yeast.
The mechanism of action is to disrupt the fungal cell membrane by interacting with ergosterol a fungal membrane component.