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the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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These new ergonomic workstations are designed to meet the needs of radiologist reading workspaces that require a smaller work surface and a smaller display configuration.
The partnership is aimed at offering Comfort Zone, IBRs web-based employee ergonomic survey/evaluation and enterprise management software to ETC s client base in the United States and abroad.
Representatives of the Department of Labor assert these recommendations are strictly guidelines designed to assist employers in reducing ergonomic injuries.
The streamlined, ergonomic design includes new focus and zoom rings for a compact profile, plus improved button positions and a new cable exit angle.
Develop an ergonomic assessment tool for clients with multiple disabilities using recognized sources.
He recently conducted an ergonomic survey of household tasks and products with Cornell student Michele Marut for her graduate thesis.
Housewares retailers have enjoyed growth in sales of ergonomic items.
Gary Orr, an ergonomic engineer at the Labor Department, said, ``It's clear that computer users are developing musculoskeletal disorders, but the risk appears to depend on many factors: How many key strokes do workers perform?
Many people think an ergonomic solution is expensive and complicated, but it can usually be accomplished simply and inexpensively," says Thomas.
For those considering purchasing ergonomic keyboards, there are a few particularly worth mentioning:
Today there are 33 ergonomic societies throughout the world, including organizations in many countries such as Japan, Germany, China and India.
We realized that her work station was not exactly ergonomic.
This perception is partly due to the belief that consumers attach no monetary value to ergonomics and therefore additional product cost due to ergonomic features is unacceptable.
Results show that by providing support - in the form of ergonomic enhancements - companies can create happier, healthier and more productive work environments.
Enviance is continuing its industry momentum by releasing several enhancements to Remedy Interactive's Office Ergonomic Software and the Enviance Inspection App solutions.