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an attribute of stochastic systems

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Cui, "Threshold dynamics and ergodicity of an SIRS epidemic model with Markovian switching," Journal of Differential Equations, vol.
Assume that there exists a subsequence of the sequence of probability measures [[mu].sub.j] = [[phi].sup.2.sub.j]dx, which converges vaguely to the measure (1/[absolute value of [OMEGA]])dv (Weak [OMEGA]uantum Ergodicity assumption with a potential).
These systems share a very subtle property: they violate the main hypothesis of Boltzmann-Gibbs (B-G) statistics, that is, ergodicity. Inspired by multifractal concepts, Tsallis [35, 36] has proposed a generalization of the B-G statistical mechanics that covers systems that violate ergodicity, that is, systems of the microscopic configurations which cannot be considered as (nearly) independent.
Lemma 6 implies the ergodicity of the random process [xi]([[PHI].sub.[tau]]([[omega].bar])).
H., and Rackwitz, R., 1991, "The Ergodicity Assumption for Sea States in the Reliability Estiamtion of Offshore Structures," Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, 113, 241-246.
Equidistribution, ergodicity and irreducibility in CAT(-1) spaces.
For optimality criterion we take the minimum criteria rms random error adjustment [[epsilon].sub.rms] which in the case of stationary and ergodicity process load can be calculated as the square root of the average error of regulation in time [[bar.[epsilon]].sup.2] for a sufficiently long period of observation T[right arrow][varies]:
In fact Shields [6] [Sections I.4.c and I.9.b] suggests a similar approach in the case of finite alphabets, although uniquely ergodicity is not obtained.
Over the past two decades, chaos-based cryptography has been studied by more and more researchers for the fundamental characteristics of chaos as ergodicity, pseudostochasticity, mixing, and high sensitivity to initial conditions/parameters, and so forth.
Fluctuating wind can be approximated to be a Gaussian random process with zero mean, ergodicity, and spatial-temporal correlation.
where <.> donates the ensemble average but computed using time average (based on the ergodicity assumption), V is the volume, [k.sub.B] the Boltzmann constant, T the temperature, and [[sigma].sup.xy] the xy component of the symmetric traceless stress tensor.
Sarnak, Quantum ergodicity of eigenfunctions on [PSL.sub.2] (Z)\[H.sup.2], Publ.
In this result there is a connection with Claude Shannon's theory: Number of messages in a given length n (duration t), which consist of separate symbols--in case of absence as well as presence of fixed and probability limits (in the latter case under the condition of source ergodicity)--with increase of n (or t) increases with asymptotic exponentially.
He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard and his research has shifted to the more theoretical study of quantum ergodicity, which has been described as "the study of the long term average behaviour of systems evolving in time".