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positive recurrent aperiodic state of stochastic systems

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They then worked out what's called an ergodic model representing a statistical distribution of trees in the forest - similar to those commonly used by ecologists to characterize the density of a forest.
In order to determine the ultimate expected gain, first, it is necessary to find the final vector of state probability (vector or ergodic state probabilities) t = ([t.
I would like to posit, then, that rather than the periodical as itself ergodic, it is the feedback loop between Listener and broadcast that here constitutes the ergodic "text," with the movement between listenership and readership serving as the individualized, non-repeatable, and thus meaning-productive decision-making that Aarseth finds in such texts.
Accordingly, the resulting ergodic distribution exhibits far less polarization than in the primary sector.
Finally some properties of the system are derived, including support properties, atomicness, implications of infinite starting mass and a discrete approximation, and ergodic properties.
Within the GMM framework it is assumed that excess returns and market premiums are stationary and ergodic with finite fourth moments (Hansen 1982; MacKinlay, Richardson 1991).
The Markov chain generating zt has just one ergodic set, no transient states, and no cyclically moving subsets.
This does not mean the ergodic axiom is ruling a society's forward motion such that the sample distribution tomorrow is identical to that of today.
The announcement of the award cited her, in part, for successfully constructing "a measure-preserving conjugacy between Thurston's earthquake flow on Teichmuller space and horocycle flow on the associated space of quadratic differentials and as an immediate and long sought-after consequence of this to prove that earthquake flow is ergodic.
He is a mathematician, specialising in ergodic theory.
The characteristics of nonstationary random process represent that the information of time-domain, frequency-domain and so on are related with time and are not ergodic.
The effects of the ergodic secrecy rate and outage probability can also be explored.
Looking at recent results in the area of ergodic theory (the mathematical study of dynamical systems with an invariant measure) concerning the complexity of the problem of classification of ergodic measure preserving transformations up to conjugacy, the structure of the outer automorphism group of a countable measure preserving equivalence relation, ergodic theoretic characterizations with the Haagerup approximation property, and cocycle superrigidity, the author of this monograph realized that these apparently diverse results can all be understood within a unified framework.
The second-order terms move the mean of the ergodic distribution of inflation, which corresponds in our view to the usual view of the inflation target, away from the balanced growth path level.