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Synonyms for eremitic

of or relating to or befitting eremites or their practices of hermitic living

characterized by ascetic solitude

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Will a study of the "Chinese eremitic tradition" reinforce this familiar stereotype, or will it compel us to reevaluate our perceptions about reclusion, challenge us even about what we thought was a straightforward, commonplace portrayal in painting or poem?
It was thought that women could not live as strict an eremitic life as men, and so women Carthusians lived a more coenobitical life until 1970 or so.
Monastics practiced a variety of asceticisms as typified by itinerant monks who wandered, eremitic monks who adopted a wide range of seclusion, and monks who sought a formalized community by residing within an enclosed built environment.
To medieval Christians, Carthusian monks possessed a special holiness due to their austere eremitic lives of solitude and silence.
Ian Holgate takes up the vital subject of female patronage in his comparative investigation of the Venetian cult of Monica, and, finally, Roberto Cobianchi provides persuasive evidence for an eremitic, artistic "way of being-in-the-world" (I quote Clifford Geertz), for the Hermits of Citta di Castello guided Raphael's archaizing celestial coronation of San Nicola in his early altarpiece for Sant'Agostino.
(10) The Carthusian vocation, which essentially is eremitic, exemplifies the perichoretic ideal that stands at the apex of religious consecration: mission co-inhering in communion.
In this, the two hermits echo the tone of early vitae of Northern European male eremitic and monastic saints.
Penelope had justified doubts about whether John could tolerate her independence and her type of bohemianism, which was nomadic and eremitic, where his was raffishly social.
Exploiting Baroque concettismo and adapting the literary device of metalepsis, Velazquez compressed in Lezcano's portrait a sequence of metaphors and allusions to make a social comparison between the dwarf court entertainer and the Greek Cynics via the visual allusion to the eremitic tradition.
Cherry certainly has sufficient energy of intellect for such writing, but her sensibility is not eremitic and her experience has not been confined.
To understand how regionalist literature and local color function as variant strains of ascetic practice, it is necessary to differentiate between local color as a cenobitic strain and regionalist literature as an eremitic strain of asceticism.
(13) As we suggest in conclusion to this essay, the theme of solitary wandering that is introduced here into the Rvf with such subtlety and force, reflects the poet's own espousal of the tenets of an eremitic Franciscanism.
The paragon of the eremitic (solitary) monastic director is St.
The author treats eastern eremitic monasticism--the dominant form for a very long time in a large part of the Christian world--with no sympathy at all.