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a person or business that makes or builds something

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Although the mechanism of analgesic efficacy of ESP block remains unclear, previous cadaver models have demonstrated that deposition of local anaesthetic deep (anterior) to the erector spinae muscle reaches the paravertebral space through connective tissues and ligaments (4).
An epidural catheter was inserted under the erector spinae muscle in the operating room (Figure 1).
The reticle can be placed either in front of the erector tube, toward the target, or behind the erector tube, toward our eye, the two positions where the lenses can focus on the reticle, making it appear sharp.
The transverse process and erector spinae muscle were more visible on the upper side of the patient.
Hardened steel is used on the turret internals and the gimbal that anchors the back of the erector tube to the maintube.
During his employment with the English Electric Company Limited, Peter was a turbine erector working in the turbine hall at the Sizewell A Nuclear Power Station which contained asbestos-lagged pipe work.
Results: The results of the 8 muscles studied muscle activation during the test was statistically significant for the infraspinatus (p = .020) and erector spinae muscle of the neck (p = .050) in the crawl, and the erector spinae of the neck (p = .020) in front crawl swimming.
discs and ligaments) and active (the erector spinae) subsystems of the spine during lifting and lowering has important implications for postural education and exercise prescription when dealing with clients who are actively involved in manual handling tasks.
Steel erector and Unite member Phil Willis, 61, applied to work for CB&I but heard nothing.
One thing that made this project unique compared with other similar activities I've run is that the students were required to use Erector as their building material.
I recently acquired an image erector for my small refractor.
We compared electromyography (EMG) signals of the thoracic and lumbar erector spinae muscles between the entropy of the EMG signals and the power spectrum analysis.
Fitch, general manager of the Princeton Municipal Light Department, said construction of the 70-meter towers is like assembling an erector set.
When paired with a Thiele case erector and case sealer, customers will have a fully automated packaging solution.