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Synonyms for erectness

the property of being upright in posture


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position at right angles to the horizon

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Most of the characters were highly polymorphic whereas relative plant erectness and presence or absence of stalk corky patches scored moderate values.
(47) Concomitantly, most favored female bodies with rounded chests that were attributable, in part, to an erectness of figure that also was considered essential to female beauty.
Given his choice, too, Edmier seems to aspire to Chihuly-like delicacy and also to a masculine erectness. Leaving stone behind in two smaller pieces, he chooses tall, slender, intricately realized shapes, a wand of coral (again in polyurethane) supporting a seahorse (a pregnant male, natch), and a pair of six-foot-high fireweed plants, which pick up the lava premise in their name and their coating of volcanic ash.
Elasticity, erectness, fleshlessness staring at you--performing for you,
Women wishing only to improve the size and erectness of their nipples should also see good results.
His amoeba imitation; his references to the "big executives;" the violin-playing gesture admonishing us to "tune our fiddles;" the disconsolate expression when ruffling through our homework exercises; the poised, satirical erectness when exclaiming "I cut a pretty nice figure in the pulpit;" the animalistic gesture used to communicate the word sex; the wry, explanatory smile; and the belly-shaking, foot-stomping laughter of party nights....
These beans contain genes for improved erectness, disease resistance, seed appearance, and canning quality.
The only objects which come out from the blank expanse, are a few gloomy pines, funereal trees, with their sad green, and the motionless erectness of their black trunks; their gloom and desolation formed by an army dying in the midst of a scene so wild, so death-like.
argentinensis differs more from the other two Plawenia species than they do from each other in (1) size and shape of body, (2) erectness and size of epidermal spicules, (3) morphology of radula, (4) size of copulatory spicules, and (5) size and morphology of accessory copulatory spicules.
Here are found the central arguments for the dignity of man: the soul as the image of God; the incarnation; erectness of stature and the beauty of the body; the immortality of the soul; the beauty and use of the external world; man's mind, memory, intellect, eloquence, invention, and artistry; man's rule over creatures; resurrection; heavenly destination; exaltation and salvation.
Actually a triple one, for members of his own tribe will kick him--for not maintaining erectness on behalf of them and for showing that machismo, meant to abolish all femaleness in males, doesn't boost ethnic men outside the tribe.
Just so, let the gods take what they want of this world and its high nectars - Know they will leave the stews and the nipple's erectness, the unguarded, late-sweetening pleasures.
The length of Satan's body and the contrast between his voluntary erectness and enforced prostration are both found in Prudentius, who in a foretaste of his own description notes the malignant brilliance of the eyes: