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Synonyms for erectly

in a straight-backed manner

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Leominster can never forget the sight of that sleight, heavy-coated figure standing so erectly among his blanketed substitutes.
DISY leader, Averof Neophytou sallied forth into the market (real world) with DISY MEP, Eleni Theocharos hanging erectly onto his left shoulder and DISY deputy leader, Lefteris Christoforou loosely onto the right.
Rostrum with segment I deep red; apical band on IV, rather discrete spots towards base and apex on dorsal surface of III, darkened; otherwise pale to whitish and shortly erectly hairy, extending as far back as sixth abdominal sternite.
If there has been construction nearby (for example, the installation of a sidewalk) the roots no that side could have been damaged and are no longer able to support the tree erectly.
In an instant the yards swung round; and as the ship half-wheeled upon her heel, her three firm-seated graceful masts erectly poised upon her long, ribbed hull, seemed as the three Horatii pirouetting on one sufficient steed.
erectly held, obovate anthers opening by two longitudinal slits, exposing the contents of the four locules, and pale blue berries, and in addition, these two species are morphologically very similar to other species placed within the Antillean sect.