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Synonyms for erectly

in a straight-backed manner

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He sat erectly with both feet planted on the ground and his long thin, olive skinned fingers rested on his knees.
However, adolescents who had spinal curvature (unable to stand erectly), pregnant, and edema due to some other pathological causes were excluded.
His mother had been sitting erectly in her seat, her packages on her lap, and her hands lightly clasped around the packages.
Many tales portray animals that mimic human behavior and characteristics by conversing, walking erectly, dressing in clothing, and inhabiting houses.
"Leominster can never forget the sight of that sleight, heavy-coated figure standing so erectly among his blanketed substitutes.
DISY leader, Averof Neophytou sallied forth into the market (real world) with DISY MEP, Eleni Theocharos hanging erectly onto his left shoulder and DISY deputy leader, Lefteris Christoforou loosely onto the right.
Cather sits her quiescent horse awkwardly, while Lewis sits erectly and stylishly on her more lively horse.
But more than just selling product, the retail stores provide the company with the ability to test product and get feedback (Erectly from consumers and designers, Yaraghi said.