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Synonyms for erect

Synonyms for erect

directed or pointed upward

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for erect

construct, build, or erect

upright in position or posture


of sexual organs


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Paleontologists still believe that reptiles progressed from a sprawling gait to an erect one.
He added: "When we come to a stretch of route where we are going to put them up, we inform the local authorities and ask for feedback, even though we have permitted development rights to erect them.
Ecuador, but differs conspicuously on account of its barely exserted erect corolla.
Why not erect turbines on uninhabited islands offshore?
They hope to obtain a Ministry of Natural Resources work permit to erect a meteorological tower and may put forward a bid proposal by 2006 if they obtain all the necessary approvals and acquire a long-term lease option from the Crown.
The tragic families in the County Kerry town of Killarney have been told that because of poor ground conditions in the cemetery any monument they erect could either tilt or sink.
Had the acetabulum pointed out and down instead, the pelvises would have supported an alternative theory, held by some since the 1970s, that pterosaurs stood erect with their hind limbs beneath their bodies and were capable of agile movement on the ground.
To erect signage in association with use of car park as a hand carwash and valeting Service.
Obtaining permits won't take much time and the applicant needs to submit some documents which include a copy of the passport or ID, copy of the layout and ownership of the site on which the tent is to be erected, copy of the commercial licence of the company contracted to erect the tent, and detailed drawings showing the dimensions, entry and exit points.
Limerick County Council's Michael Griffin said: "Permission was given to a local resident to erect a headstone at the burial ground last year.
April 2007: North Tyneside councillors throw out plans to erect a mast in the Beach Road area of North Shields amid scores of objections.
English Heritage refused to erect a memorial at the New Hall Hotel because the building was too far away from the highway for the public to see it.
Under the Haskell Avenue proposal, which emerged separate from the 101-405 project, Caltrans would paint lines like those used to designate car-pool lanes, and erect flexible poles to prevent cars from crossing.
Plans to erect a statue of former prime minister David Lloyd George have been boosted by a pounds 200,000 donation.