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Synonyms for erect

Synonyms for erect

directed or pointed upward

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for erect

construct, build, or erect

upright in position or posture


of sexual organs


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Once again the woman pulled herself erect in her bed.
But the thing is her nipples never get stiff and erect during sex - and I'm getting paranoid that I'm not turning her on properly.
After lowering vertical "suspender" cables from the main cables, builders will erect a 60 meter (200 ft)-wide, 54,630-ton steel roadway, or deck--wide enough to accommodate 12 lanes of traffic.
Stand erect with the exercising leg behind the body as far as possible to duplicate the thigh position immediately after pushoff.
Though today, she may carry The weight of projects on her small, Black frame, She knows how to keep her self intact, erect, together.
Because today's crocodilians are thought in some ways to be living relics of prehistoric times, and because they display both kinds of walking postures, paleontologists have long believed that the earliest crocodilians represented a link between primitive, lizard-like reptiles that sprawled and the more erect reptiles that evolved later.
Candidates who erect posters before the embargo are liable for fines of up to [euro]3,000.
Local residents asked something to be done to deter youths from congregating in the area and a proposal to erect a palisade fence was put to the East Area Tenant Panel on June 29, 2005, and passed.
A spokesman for Morrisons said: 'We have listened to the concerns of customers' and residents and will erect a security barrier across the car park entrance in the near future.
As Souter noted, officials in McCreary and Pulaski counties voted in the summer of 1999 to erect large copies of the Protestant version of the Commandments in their courthouses.
Finally, the bill requires individuals wanting to erect, dismantle or repair supported scaffolding over 40-feet high to obtain a permit from the Department of Buildings prior to commencing work.
Boileau says they could begin receiving turbines by August with plans to erect them immediately, with the earliest commissioning by October.
The Endoline 200 Series of case erectors as used in the example, can erect both standard corrugated and plastic corrugated cases which can be placed directly onto the shelf or into a freezer.
GRIEVING families in a Irish town are outraged because they cannot erect headstones to mark the final resting places of their loved ones.