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Synonyms for erect

Synonyms for erect

directed or pointed upward

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for erect

construct, build, or erect

upright in position or posture


of sexual organs


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class="MsoNormalThe exercise, which is set to continue for the next six weeks, saw a number of billboards erected without the county government's approval along Waiyaki Way flattened.
In other words, he has not erected poles but by parking his pick-up and jeep, he reserves safe parking for himself and his wife.
n Tents must not be erected on public utility lines or extensions thereof, and must not cause any damage or loss to utility lines, pavements or roads
But now that his appeal has been refused, the Callalys are to demand that Fingal County Council accept their application to erect a headstone on their daughter's grave.
The company also recently sought planning permission from Alnwick District Council to erect a 70m meteorological mast at the site to gather data for three years.
In recent years, because of new health and safety regulations regarding the playing of football in public parks, steel barriers have been erected by the football team using the park, but during the summer months, thankfully, these barriers have been removed so the general public can enjoy the unspoilt green area.
It's easy with this antenna to forget wearing safety equipment because it is easily erected. But don't be fooled; easier does not mean safer!
Most women's nipples do get erect when they are excited but it is just one of many responses to arousal.
A PLAQUE may be erected to the memory of "The Iron Lady" in a corner of a small country churchyard, it has been revealed in the late Sir Denis Thatcher's will.
When construction begins on the Messina Strait Bridge in 2005, the first job will be to erect two 370 meter (1,214 foot)-tall steel towers.
For example, if you lean too far forward, back raises can help strengthen the back muscles to hold the trunk more erect during your running stride.
The legislature never misses an opportunity to erect legal fire walls against lesbians and gays whether in terms of relationships, adoption, foster parenting, or the mention of homosexuality in high school curricula.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-26 November 2001-Sweden's 3G licence holders start to erect antennas (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Using light and electron microscopy, Kreitner and Sorensen (1979a) documented the morphology of the erect and procumbent glandular trichomes found on several annual [M.