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an implement used to erase something

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Researchers have declared the innocent-seeming eraser challenge self-destructive not only because of its ability to cause short-term injuries but also possible long-term effects like postinflammatory dyspigmentation, according to a 2013 (https://www.
Introduce the students to charcoal as they experiment on newsprint or in their visual journals, playing with darks, lights, and erasers pencils.
Small children would not be able to tell the difference between bubble gum and erasers, and it would be devastating if we had to wait for an injury or death to occur before something was done, she said.
There were two erasers -- a little cube-shaped art gum that begged for decoration.
Miquette Breitenbach, of Dundee, is mad about her eraser collection.
The pack includes A6 notebook, eraser, lever arch file, pack of five pencils and pencil tin packed in an Ocean Wave rucksack.
Clean([R]) Magic Eraser([R]) select-a-size: Contains six multi-sized erasers, small, medium and large, to ensure the right size eraser for any job to power through built-up grime
Both aiming to rebound from narrow losses, the Gems and the Erasers gun for a third victory in their 4 p.
This epigenetic world is made up of three classes of proteins: writers, erasers and readers, collectively the "instruction manual" that tells a gene when to activate and when to cease activation.
PENCILS, CASES, RULERS AND ERASERS Little did Sandor realize that his early efforts would be an inspiration to my art classes working on reshaping pencils, not with their teeth, but with simple woodworking tools and home finds.
In this installment of the SF trilogy, the six young people are flying down the East Coast, searching for their parents, when one of them is badly hurt in a clash with Erasers and they're forced to lie low while he recovers.
I've folded comic books to make abstract sculptures; erased the texts of illustrated books, leaving only the images; and modified posters the same way, using ordinary erasers.
School kids can also show off new Hello Kitty Rainbow and Spottie Dottie school supplies: notebooks, clipboards, binders, pencil sharpeners and erasers.
Watercolor markers were used as an "ink" source for coloring the erasers, using a single color, or multiple colors as the students desired.
In fact, $30,000 has been raised within one week's time, more than doubling the fundraising goal of $14,000 -- with all of the contributions received going directly toward materials, including everything from erasers and watercolors to rulers and pencils.