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an implement used to erase something

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Clean Magic Eraser was introduced in early 2018 in 9- and 11-ct sizes, depending on the specific retailer's request.
Clean Magic Eraser has been helping homeowners tackle their toughest messes for decades and now it is helping them lighten their cleaning load...and cleaning caddies," says Mr.
How did the slime affect what happened when you placed the eraser on the slanted surface?
* Eraser pencils, blending stumps, brushes, kneaded erasers, spray fixative.
Caption: Bissell's Pet Hair Eraser prevents dust, dander and allergens from escaping into the air.
Get personal with WH Smith's stationery set which includes a personalised pencil case, 12 coloured pencils, 2 HB pencils, 30cm ruler and non-personalised sharpener and eraser, [pounds sterling]14.99.
Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2015 --( Cybertron Software releases Privacy Eraser Free 4, a new version of its browser & PC history cleaning tool.
Carver Chair of Biochemistry in the UI Carver College of Medicine and senior author of the study, explained that study researchers found that one of the ways tumour suppressor genes become methylated when KRAS is activated is that an 'eraser' of the methyl marks, namely the enzyme TET1, is no longer expressed.
But Rob Stegman, who compiles the remarkable website Rob's Puzzle Page identified this puzzle (via email) as the 'Eraser Cube', usually made from eraser-type rubber or vinyl material, based on a 4 x 4 square-face (made originally by Toysmith in Taiwan).
Clean and celebrity stylist and fashion expert Brad Goreski recently hosted the P&G brand's first-ever "Summer Fashion Party" in New York City to showcase how the Magic Eraser can clean doznes of tough and unexpected jobs around the house--from trendy white sneakers and lipstick stains on drinking glasses to grill tools, hair irons and even golf clubs.
Washington, March 31 ( ANI ): American teens have started a new dangerous fad called the "Eraser Challenge", which involves taking an eraser and rubbing it back and forth across their arm while reciting the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter.
Maybelline The Eraser FOUNDATION has an applicator which fills and smoothes imperfections for a flawless look.
Additionally, you should have an eraser besides the one attached to your pencil.
India, March 12 -- Eraser's Model WC302 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter easily and accurately cuts wire, tubing, sleevings and more to the programmed length and number of pieces.
Suede eraser: Use a light hand while applying the eraser to scuffed areas.