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an implement used to erase something

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Privacy Eraser Free ensures deleted files remain deleted and no one can access private information of any kind, be that browser history, third-party application data, personal documents or anything else.
Clean Magic Eraser is a remarkable product and we are extremely proud to reach this landmark for the history of the brand," said Mr.
Itch Eraser products will be available in stores and online starting this month.
The inventor of the Eraser Away Wiper Blades has developed a prototype that has been utilized with success.
both loved Eraser, but Daffy wasn't so sure - after all he's no rubber duck.
Eraser is already on release in the United States, but last night was the first time it was seen by an international audience.
With the finished eraser and a stamp pad, the student completes a series of exercises in repeat pattern printing, using networks such as square, brick half-drop and rotation.
Of the 49 percent of businesses that are systematically deploying a data eraser method, 75 percent do not delete data securely, leaving most organizations highly susceptible to data breaches, which plague businesses at least once a year according to the 2010 Kroll Ontrack Annual ESI Trends Survey and cost an organization an average of $6.
Children around the world have recently revived the eraser challenge, a decades-old game with a new name but the same serious consequences.
Contract awarded for purchase of office supplies, staples, paper clips, clip jumbo, marker highlighter, permanent marker, transparent tape 2 "roll tape small, large rubber eraser, rubber boat 8oz.
The company also boasts that its stain eraser pads last longer than competing products and resist crumbling.
Cryptographic protocols based on the Algebraic Eraser are thousands of times smaller and faster than any currently available security methods and we can provide both asymmetric and symmetric solutions.
Students were introduced to a kneaded eraser used for "lifting" off graphite or making an area lighter; a pink "correction" eraser; an eraser shield for cleaning edges; and a drawing brush for wiping away eraser residue.
The 48-year-old star, set to bounce back on the screen in the big-budget blockbuster Eraser, insisted: "I'm still far away from retiring.
Before long the kids at school noticed the eraser stamps and were intrigued by the carving and the stamping.