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Synonyms for erase

Synonyms for erase

Synonyms for erase

remove from memory or existence


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remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing

wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information

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But they also have a serious drawback: Once data are recorded on such disks, they can't be erased or altered.
Once the disc is "closed," it reads in most DVD-ROM drives but the user can't expect to use that disc again to edit and add data since all of the data on it must be erased before written to again.
Given that floppy disks are often reused and may be sent to clients, competitors or government agencies for a variety of purposes, it is important that what the user intends to erase really gets erased.
When asked if they believe that violence can be totally erased, 50% said "yes.
The comparison showed that Vaughn students erased more answers on average than their counterparts at Fenton, Rao said.
Lebow's ruling erased a verdict reached Friday that could have sent Blades to prison for 10 years.
Using Disk Purge software will guarantee that ALL data will be completely erased from a disk drive.
SecurErase ensures data on a hard drive is truly erased and unrecoverable.
SecurErase is used to make sure that all the data on a drive is securely and completely erased -- for good
Featuring an optimized programming time, an entire memory array can be fully erased and programmed in less than 2 seconds.
The security erase feature, which enables all data to be erased from the flash disk in seconds, can also be used selectively, erasing only part of the disk.
Page Flash offers the same fast programming time as Standard Flash but also allows individual data words (32-bits) to be erased in a few milliseconds and rewritten more than 100K times, thereby providing all the functional benefits of EEPROM in a future-proof technology.
The programming time of the PIC18F6X20 and PIC18F8X20 is optimized so that a 1-Megabit array can be fully erased and programmed in less than 2 seconds.