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Synonyms for erase

Synonyms for erase

Synonyms for erase

remove from memory or existence


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remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing

wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information

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Type-III military destructive secure erase includes:
Cleaning your whiteboard is critical to its performance, as it removes chemical build-up associated with repeated use of dry erase markers.
Simultaneously with the erase function, the helical-scan video heads start recording any new video being provided to the recorder; additionally, units with helical-scan high-fidelity (hi-fi) audio heads start recording any new audio.
Degaussing would erase the pre-recorded servo tracks on these tapes, making them completely unusable.
Monk's artistic sensibility and aesthetic standards thus dominate or erase other aspects of his identity.
This would be sufficient to erase all previous history of the system.
A onetime secretary to former House of Representatives member Katsuhiko Shirakawa received a 10-month suspended jail term Tuesday for getting police in Niigata Prefecture in 1999 to erase records of traffic violations.
reintroduced a constitutional amendment to effectively erase church-state separation from the Constitution.
Headlines predicted it would erase millions of IBM-compatible computers on March 6, the Italian artist's birthday.
And so I begin to erase the forest and the trees because trees depress me, even the idea of a tree depresses me.
We recognize this evil as an attempt of the Albanian party on power to erase the voters who won't vote for them.
com)-- A breakthrough technology is introduced through a potent anti-wrinkle formulation called Erase Repair HA.
Sherwin-Williams has recently introduced a dry erase coating.