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Synonyms for equivocation

Synonyms for equivocation

an expression or term liable to more than one interpretation

Synonyms for equivocation

a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth

intentionally vague or ambiguous

falsification by means of vague or ambiguous language

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By repeating the exercise with the technique of equivocation, we might qualify the phrase "every good boy" as "every good boy, who would not be otherwise disqualified.
This could almost serve as a textbook definition for an early modern casuistical notion called the doctrine of equivocation.
The existence of a phenomenon like equivocation is important for reading Shakespeare because he "had been employing this device in his plays and poems long before he or his culture had settled on a name for it.
What Trump rejects as equivocation is in fact realism; what he derides as political correctness is in fact humane decency.
Ayn Rand called this kind of equivocation a package deal because it packages together ideas that are essentially different or even contradictory and treats them as though they are essentially the same and thus properly unified.
There was nonetheless much apparent sincerity and zero equivocation in Bopara's voice as he stood up for the man he has seen prove doubters wrong so often.
Let's consider both equivocation and humor and see if there are lessons to be learned.
He urged national unity to maintain Bahrain's stability and ward off all subversive attempts to undermines nation unity, stressing the need to renounce violence without any equivocation.
He argues that the trans-Atlantic free market conservative project was characterized by uncertainty and a collapsed worldview in the wake of the Great Depression and only emerged in more strident form after an extended period of contestation and debate, when Milton Friedman took advantage of a more receptive audience, built in large part through the work of the Mont Pelerin Society, to abandon equivocation and promote a renewed sense of free market certainty.
Elections shall take place without any equivocation," Souaid stressed, voicing rejection of 1960 poll law.
too fond of likeness, too habitual in equivocation,
American Express, he said, has strict requirements for accreditation, which HomePay has succeeded in meeting without any qualification or equivocation.
Pushing ahead, Fahey next tackles "Imperfect Speech: Equivocation and Metaphor in Macbeth.
Both have gone on to additional productions; coming up this season, Equivocation appears on the schedule at D.
First she must find some ground between univocality and equivocation for the analogical terms to inhabit.