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We will not equivocate, and we will meet those who have been misled by climate change denial in their communities.
We made up our minds that if we were going to offer a private label, we weren't going to equivocate on the quality," said Sinegal.
SO our prime minister has been caught out at Chilcot - saying that there had been real term increases year on year in defence spending under Labour - when in fact in some years there had been cuts - shamelessly, rather than just admitting it, he tried to equivocate the fact arguing differences in "cash" and "resource" budgets.
Unlike today's journalists, Ernie Pyle did not feel the need to apologize or equivocate for chronicling and speaking on the soldier's behalf.
Employees expect their leaders to lead and to be accountable for their actions; they don't want them to equivocate or evade responsibility.
Put it down, if you like, to an inherent tendency to waffle and equivocate when faced with tough decisions.
A rabbi, centered on the truth of Torah, who does not equivocate on such fundamentals as G-d the creator, Torah from Sinai, the chosen people and final redemption and sacred customs.
There are candidates who constantly equivocate, leaning whichever way the wind blows.
But that effort may be wasted if the Iraqi government continues to equivocate in allowing the Sunnis to join the police and security services, and if Iraq's factions cannot agree on how to share the nation's power and wealth.
In response to the study, some Muslim leaders equivocate.
Rather than duck, dodge, equivocate, or obstinately refuse to acknowledge the deteriorating situation, John accepted responsibility and said he was wrong.
When asked whether using "apartheid" helped his cause, Carter did not equivocate.
Regarding the American bishops' latest "Ministry to persons with a homosexual inclination: Guidelines for pastoral care," the official church continues to equivocate about its teaching on gays--that "objective disorder" thing.
Pinchbeck may equivocate about his more mystical excursions, but he's sure he's on solid ground when he sees evidence of our spiritual malaise in the damage caused by our abuse of natural resources, particularly burning petroleum.
In addition, those willing to equivocate about identifiers consider that an email address domain authorization provides an indirect method to identify the message source.