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in an ambiguous manner


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As previous literature (5,6) and Table 2 demonstrate, liquid-based cytology samples may only demonstrate low-grade or equivocally abnormal cytologic findings, even for patients who are developing recurrent carcinoma.
All the research participants equivocally advocated that friends have generally been supportive for the decisions of going for higher studies.
The liver was normal size; however, the portal vein appeared equivocally enlarged.
In one sense, anticipatory mourning, with its "complex temporality of affects," brings "the incipient and ominous" (164) into the present; yet, being oriented toward the future, it also, albeit equivocally, leaves open and indeterminate the question of what is to come.
After reading this book, it is difficult to answer this question equivocally, and that is the point that Dave Tell successfully makes.
The Parliament of Pakistan, in line with the aspirations of its people, has consistently and equivocally supported the just cause of the Palestinian people," he said.
It might be more accurate to suggest that he actually only endorses trade unionism equivocally.
The statement demanded the world, especially the Arab and Islamic world, to equivocally denounce the terrorist acts against innocent Iraqi people, and requested that they openly mention, Daesh, Al-Qaeda and other unlawful armed groups operating under their umbrella.
The kingdom has always been an oasis of peace and security, and therefore, such criminal acts are equivocally rejected," he said.
Sharing information about the nature of a treatment boosted the beneficial effects of both active treatment and placebo in a prospective study of episodic migraine patients who received treatments with a pill that was truthfully, equivocally, or untruthfully labeled across a series of migraine episodes.
It would be great injustice if I call it a day without celebrating the losing candidate for Mombasa governor in the March 4, 2013 elections - Mr Suleiman Shabhal, who today in his Facebookpage@SuleimanShabhal for Governor 2012, took time off his busy schedule to equivocally endorse my appointment as tourism and culture secretary, Mombasa county and with the same article praise our vision and plan for tourism numbers uptake in Mombasa, Njaramba posted on October 9, 2013.
The event was packed out over each of the four days and the reaction from both stallholders and from the public was equivocally in praise of the festival.
But national selector John InVerarity, for one, is keeping the faith - albeit a little EQUIVOCALLY.
Today, Speaker Boehner equivocally said he will not allow any immigration bill to pass the House unless it has the support of a majority of House Republicans.
One thing that many would equivocally like about the Duo 13 will be the fact that Sony's swapped out the plastic for Carbon Fiber as material of choice for the body.