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an expression or term liable to more than one interpretation

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However, there is no equivocality at the level of ordinary parlance, since the word currently means, regardless the items it applies to, a likeness or resemblance of a certain sort.
Other steps that GM took to shape the story and reduce the equivocality that resulted in sense-making was GM elevating victims' perceived importance by hiring the same firm that managed payouts to victims of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks and the 2010 British Petroleum Deep Horizon oil spill (Fletcher and Mufson, 2014).
Lengel shows that organizations process information to eliminate uncertainty, or the lack of information and equivocality, which refers to information that is unclear or of poor quality.
A tentative exploration into the amount and equivocality of information processing in organizational work units.
Dymock and Pauwels (2012) emphasized the need for studies on the bilateral asymmetry of equine limbs, due to the equivocality of data [28].
Because of this equivocality, it took a transgressive, resistance narrative, as in the NOW photograph, to do battle in public space.
In the pathways of attempting to experience myself as "my own self," or as Yong Ting Jin puts it, as a "subject self in the experienced reality," (6) I find myself steeped in a cognizance of my ongoing fragmentation and equivocality. Yet, I feel an unleashing of ironic self-assurance that my unstable and impermanent self-evolution is a necessary, constitutive reality of my interminable existence.
Based on Weick's (1979) equivocality construct, macro-level uncertainty exists when it is difficult to even know the type of information that is needed, where data are unclear or suggest multiple interpretations of the environment (Daft & Weick, 1984).
Based on these comments from a vocal minority (approximately 12%), there is no equivocality in the resistance to the principles of employment equity.
The question may then be posed whether such equivocality may be linked to the appropriateness of the theoretical framework in use; the lack of rigor in its use; or both.
Moreover, given the incompleteness, equivocality, and uncertainties in the evidential base, it would be disingenuous to claim to be able to definitively judge the safety of particular products of GE, or of GE technologies, as a uniform taxonomic category.
This was done to determine the statistical association of affirmative and equivocality of responses.
And it is here, in this moment, that the equivocality of the book chapter's title--"The Sacrifice of Abraham"--reveals itself.
Human judgment about such equivocality is imperfect not only because of the limitations of human knowledge and reason (2) but also because of distortions resulting from sin.