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two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context


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Table 1: Equivalence of English and Chinese basic vocabulary Number of equivalent words Number of words Percentage Single equivalent word 68 words 10% 2 or more equivalent words 614 words 90%
And yet it came to pass also, that the translators of the King James Bible were learned in the Hebrew tongue, wherein the narrative past tense (the 'waw consecutive') doth oft begin a new sentence with the equivalent word.
Even the so-called international language 'English' is unable to find an equivalent word for 'ghirat' since English speaking cultures are devoid of this trait.
At times, in those last few months, / he would think of a word / and he had to remember the tree, or the species of frog, the sound denoted: / the tree itself, or the frog, or the state of mind / and not the equivalent word in another language, the speech that had taken his sons / and the mountain light; / the graves he swept and raked; the wedding songs.
Modern is the equivalent word in politics, or at least the dominant forces in politics.
As the old line runs: "Is there an equivalent word in the Irish language to the Spanish one manana?
169), is not a "Greek word" but a Latin-derived one, the equivalent word from the Greek being "tone.
In a Portuguese lecture, the equivalent word, tomates ('tomatoes'), would only figure in a list of agricultural exports.
I don't think there is even an equivalent word in the Muslim vocabulary.
These structures are so "Welsh" that there is not an equivalent word in the English language, which has to make do with the term "stone-faced earth banks" instead.
Each section gives the part of speech and the equivalent word or phrase in the other language for about 10,000 words related to different areas of the field.
The Basic Skills Agency campaign called on youngsters to read everything from books, comics, road signs and labels to reach the one million word total by the Christmas - the equivalent word count of two copies of the famous novel War and Peace.
We were going to do it in Chinese but there's no equivalent word for 'nook'," laughs Jeanette Murray, the new Lady of The Nook since July.
16 Wagner's opera GUtterdemmerung translates as Twilight Of The Gods - what is the equivalent word in Scandinavian myth, which actually means Fate of the Gods?
In spite of the way that these two address similar requirements, they are utilized as the equivalent words for each other.