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Synonyms for equivalence

Synonyms for equivalence

the state of being equivalent

Synonyms for equivalence

a state of being essentially equal or equivalent

essential equality and interchangeability

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qualities that are comparable

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Experiment 2 in Eilifsen and Arntzen (2015) involved tests for trained conditional discriminations and stimulus equivalence presented 1 day, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks after conditional discrimination training and an immediately administered stimulus equivalence test.
Figure 2 shows the reformed gas concentrations at various equivalence ratios at a 500 K initial temperature.
The final determination of equivalence is the exclusive prerogative of the European Commission.
At this, the bench suspended the single bench orders and restored the PU Equivalence department.
This would imply that to prove the self-similarity of a compact set X, it is necessary to evaluate all partitions of X and find in everyone of them an equivalence class which is not an affine transformation of X.
In 2009, the Committee of European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Supervisors issued a consultation paper on the technical criteria for assessing third-country equivalence.
absolute value of D] is a homotopy equivalence, then so is the map
In this paper, we believe that there is a close relationship between solving mathematical problems and solving word equivalence problems between two languages.
Specifically, the sample can be two stimuli of the same equivalence class or two stimuli of distinct classes.
CCP took notice of concerns raised with regard to Equivalence Standard (ES) introduced by the HEC in Qualification Framework and Revised Roadmap for Business Education- 2012.
Equivalence principle algorithm (EPA) [14-19], based on the equivalence theorem, is one kind of DDM.
ABSTRACT: In our development of ontology for Digital Logic Design we came across having to establish equivalence between a vast number of classes.
of North Texas) presents a study of equivalence relations and classification problems that includes an introduction to basic concepts as well as a review of classical descriptions of set theory.
Following such derived performances, the stimuli are said to participate in an equivalence class (Sidman, 1994) or a relational frame of equivalence (Barnes, 1994; Hayes, Barnes-Holmes, & Roche, 2001).