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in an equitable manner


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He further indicated that the profile when finalized will set the foundation for achieving the goal of the Strategic Pillar 3 and Priority Area 9 of the Second National Strategic Health Development Plan 2018 -- 2022, for having in place the right number, skill mix of competent, motivated, productive and equitably distributed health work force for optimal and quality health care services provision.
Hashim Dogar told that TADREES, will reduce duplication in training records and ensure training opportunities are divided equitably among healthcare workers.
What we now urgently need is a true inclusivity formula that will ensure all Kenyans receive services fairly and equitably as a right, not as a favour.
"The current House leadership considers the wide discrepancy in the distribution of programs and projects as unconscionable Based on the current guidelines, we made sure allocations were equitably distributed," he added.
More particularly, he faults the BIA for declining to equitably toll the deadline by which he should have filed his motion to reopen.
In December 2006, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had asserted that plans for minorities, particularly Muslims must have the first claim on resources so that benefits of development reach them equitably.
Cyprus' oil and gas resources should be equitably shared between both communities on the island, in the context of an overall settlement said Jonathan Cohen, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs.
SECURITIES and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again expressed commitment to ensuring that every shareholder is fair, equitably and similarly treated and given sufficient information regarding transactions in the capital market.
The workshop will also address the impact on OIC Member States by hosting large numbers of refugees, as well as how the international community can share the responsibilities and burden more equitably and on a basis that can better be foreseen.
By: Yasmine Samra CAIRO -- 3 May 2017: Renaissance Capital announced three takeaways from the second annual Egypt Investor Conference held in CapeTown last week: corporates welcomed Egypt's flotation of its local currency, wages have been adjusted equitably and energy subsidy reform is under way, it said in a Wednesday report.
Mr Morales, Bolivia's first indigenous president, helped lift millions out of poverty by more equitably distributing natural gas revenues, spurring the creation of an indigenous middle class.
The GST is expected to bring about a qualitative change in the tax system by redistributing the burden of taxation equitably between manufacturing and services.
The student representative on the University of Oregon Board of Trustees announced her resignation Friday, saying she was grateful for the opportunity but felt "ignored, disregarded and treated in equitably" by other trustees.
Stephen Joseph, COO at Ocean Group, said: "The DLA team were instrumental in guiding the contractual intricacies to ensure that all risk factors were delivered equitably to both parties."