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(chemistry) the principle that (at chemical equilibrium) in a reversible reaction the ratio of the rate of the forward reaction to the rate of the reverse reaction is a constant for that reaction

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Differentiating this equilibrium law of motion, one obtains
In both these cases, which are henceforth referred to as Case A, the equilibrium law of motion is upward sloping at the low real money balances' steady state.
Solving for the equilibrium law of motion for per capita real balances yields
I), then no equilibria exist after switching to interest payments on reserves unless a change in government policy, [mu], can cause the equilibrium law of motion, Equation (14) to shift to the right.
Clearly, these equilibrium laws of motion imply that consumption, output, and investment all contain the same information about the history of technology shocks, hence neither variable should appear to Granger-cause another variable.
Grimm confirms in her deposition that Newton's equilibrium law was not met by the model because it did not take into account moment equilibrium.
The agents in the model are endowed with a perceived law of motion which, in most cases, corresponds in form to the equilibrium law of motion for that economy.
Two reaction functions in (13') and (29) determine the equilibrium law enforcement and the Mafia's extraction simultaneously:
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