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The graph revealed that the IR camera generated an instantaneous measurement of temperature; the fast-responding probe took nearly 30 sec to equilibrate to the IR camera; and the other immersion probe took another 30 sec to equilibrate to the fastresponse probe and camera.
This was allowed to equilibrate for a day, during which the cucumbers were air-purged for 2h before the liquid was pumped out again.
To do so in the context of microeconomic principals of macroeconomics, he first looks at the "fundamentals" that equilibrate supply and demand in the aggregate labor market--worker productivity, people's willingness to work, labor income taxes, and labor market regulations--to account for this decline in employment before turning to the usual suspects outside this market according to Keynesian analysis--drops in investment, financial deleveraging, a "liquidity trap," and consumer confidence.
Irrespective of the type of Locke solution used to equilibrate cells, all live-cell [O.sub.3] exposures were performed using 0.5 mL of LS - G.
"It will equilibrate in temperature and should get down to about minus 10 degrees, roughly," she said.
During the Mueller's maneuver, in the absence of flow, negative pleural pressure will equilibrate with lung parenchymal pressure, which will equilibrate with thoracic airway pressure, which will equilibrate with upper airway pressure.
These results confirm an initial increase in SOM and suggest that SOM may equilibrate during the later stages of succession.
These positive effects are generally attributed to the ability of probiotics to regulate intestinal permeability, normalize host intestinal flora, improve gut immune barrier function, and equilibrate the balance between proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines.
Inquiry is a form of questioning that serves to equilibrate the potential imbalance in status caused by someone needing help (one down) to the person that is capable of providing assistance.
The mold is heated to the sintering temperature of the particles, allowed to equilibrate, and then subjected to pressure.
In two cases, a combined hypnosis and electromyographic-biofeedback approach was used to equilibrate and retrain affected neck muscles.
You see it is not so easy even for a poet to equilibrate himself even with a mere primrose.
The improvement has been particularly noteworthy in the lower-priced end of the market, where demand has started to equilibrate with supply.
Unlike existing protein purification technologies, there are no time consuming slurries to equilibrate and pour into columns.