equilateral triangle

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a three-sided regular polygon

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The Sierpinski triangle is obtained from an equilateral triangle by a repeated process or iteration.
Table 1 Sample Polygon Observation Table Polygon Odd or even # Degree of of vertices rotational symmetry Equilateral triangle Odd 3 Square Even 4 Regular pentagon Odd 5 Regular hexagon Even 6 Regular septagon Odd 7 Regular octagon Even 8 Polygon Degrees per Sets of turn parallel sides Equilateral triangle 120 0 Square 90 2 Regular pentagon 72 0 Regular hexagon 60 3 Regular septagon [approximately equal to] 51.4 0 Regular octagon 45 4 Polygon Sets of parallel diagonals?
The pyramid takes the shape of an equilateral triangle when a population is increasing.
The equilateral triangle, frequently used in Islamic patterns for its tessellating shape, is a symbol in Christian tradition of the Trinity, with three sides and three equal angles.
The standard-size products are offered in five different sizes ranging from a small 3,6m equilateral triangle up to a 5m x 5m square.
Each panel is an equilateral triangle with a side length of 11 metres, and has cables fixed to the back of it so that it could adjust angles and positions in synchronisation with the source cabin, which is driven by cables, servomechanisms in addition to a parallel robot as a secondary adjustable system.
With a combination of singalong whimsy and Goonsesque madness, the band is celebrating the release of third album Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan which includes musical homages to David Attenborough, tweed jackets and the love life of the equilateral triangle. Opening up will be Cherry Head Cherry Heart - Andrew Johnson and Naomi Lowe promise perfect pop with classic stylings and modern moods.
Trisect the three angles of any triangle and the lines always meet at three points to form an equilateral triangle. The appearance of that perfect little equilateral triangle is totally unexpected.
How to make an equilateral triangle with a paper sheet: Take a standard paper sheet and fold it lengthwise in two equal parts as shown in step 2.
To judge whether there is an angle region formed by two tangent unit equilateral triangles, it is just to take out two sides with public vertex from each unit equilateral triangle and judge whether the angle formed by the two sides is positive and less than n and verify that there is no other side of the two unit equilateral triangles with the angle.
--the link at every vertex of every equilateral triangle in [X.sub.[??]],
An ASTM International plastics committee has announced a big change to the Resin Identification Code: the iconic chasing arrow symbol will be replaced by a solid equilateral triangle.
The illustration above shows the first few cases of the best-known ways of packing a set number of same size equilateral triangles into an equilateral triangle.
After that, the Red Planet continues its migration eastward and forms a second equilateral triangle about a week later.