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a flat distribution having equal frequencies of occurrence

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Very significant progress has resulted in such Diophantine applications as Waring~s problem, the validity of the Hasse principle for systems of diagonal equations, and equidistribution of polynomial sequences mod 1.
Negative correlation observed between Index of Density (ID) and equidistribution (E) indicates that communities with higher abundance showed lower E due to high ID found in some communities, mainly as a consequence of species dominance such as H.
One consequence of MacMahon's Equidistribution Theorem is a pair of recursions for the distributions of the inversion number and the major index over [G.
Chern, Hermitian vector bundles and the equidistribution of the zeros of their holomorphic sections, Acta.
Increasing the orders of equidistribution of the leading bits of the Tauworthe sequence.
This gives an approximate equidistribution of all paths of length n.
It would be very interesting to find a similar bijective proof of the equidistribution of (rix, des, aid) and (fix, exc, maj).
rho]] does it in an organized way, exhibiting an equidistribution pattern: if zeros [z.
for different number of construction points using the equidistribution method ([Phi] denotes the cumulative distribution function of the standard normal distribution).
1) Equidistribution test, using chi-square, d = 64, n = 1000, N = 10000.
which implies equidistribution of the pairs (inv, rlmin) and (sor, cyc).
MACKENZIE, Uniformly convergent high order finite element solutions of a singularly perturbed reaetiondiffusion equation using mesh equidistribution, Appl.
Next, Chen and Guo (3) generalized symmetric equidistribution of crossing and nesting statistics to coloured complete matchings.
In this section we use Shi and Ish ceiling diagrams to obtain our equidistribution results regarding the regions of Shi(G) and Ish(G).