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the same distance apart at every point

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Agar blocks of the antagonists and fungal pathogens were grown equidistantly with a distance of 1 cm in a glass slide containing a very thin water agar.
As mentioned before the increments are equidistantly placed in 10[degrees]CA, so the signal's periodicity marks a raster of 10[degrees]CA.
The sterilized eggs were pasted equidistantly with Arabic gum on paper cards of 21cm x 30cm size having thirty 7x2 cm rectangles.
using equidistantly allocated path points) for uniform navigation performance.
The holes are positioned equidistantly on a circle with a diameter of 60 mm.
Systematic sampling was performed on transects spaced 9 m apart and equidistantly located between palm rows.
The test discs standard as well as blank discs were placed on the surface of petri dish equidistantly.
The additional sensors were placed equidistantly before (L[sub.
Simultaneously, temperature was measured with digital thermometers that were distributed equidistantly along the gradient.
200 segments of bark, twig, leaf, fruit, and seeds were placed equidistantly on WA medium supplemented with streptomycin sulphate to inhibit the bacterial growth.
Theorem 1: The total energy consumption is minimal when nodes are equidistantly deployed.