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the same distance apart at every point

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In the case of equidistant node, distribution within FEs a significant increase in the degree of approximation polynomials may lead to their uncontrollable oscillations near the edges of FEs, known as Runge's phenomenon [25, 26].
The building is located in Houston's Greenspoint office submarket with close proximity to George Bush Intercontinental Airport and has superior ingress/egress that is equidistant between the Houston CBD and the Woodlands.
A special mode permits in excess of 50,000 equidistant measurements/s.
The Post notes that Harrisburg is almost equidistant from the two major league cities.
Extreme ideological narratives have always been a part of history's political continuum and a journalist is perhaps the only observer who is required to excel in not only maintaining his equilibrium, but also remain equidistant from the polarities of circumstances.
to open the gate and they move off either side, equidistant, balanced in
Mongi Hamdi reiterated Tunisia's commitment to the principle of interference in the internal affairs of Libya and keep equidistant from the different Libyan parties, urging them to uphold dialogue to reach a consensual solution to the crisis away from any foreign interference.
5 -- Unlike other tube-settler products, the GEA 2H TUBEdek lamella settler combines equidistant settling with chevron-shaped channels - product properties that enable highly efficient effects.
It would have been far better to base it in Birmingham - equidistant between North and South.
orthographic, azimuthal equidistant, equirectangular); atmospheric parameters can also be depicted by height (from the surface to 10 hPa).
Mark the position of each trough, either equidistant or varied, depending on the height of the plants.
Strategically located near Route 130, the New Jersey Turnpike at Exit 8 A and Route 1,138 Georges Road provides immediate access to points north and south and is equidistant between Boston and Washington DC.
However, party leader Jay Panda said, "Naveen Patnaik has said BJD is equidistant from BJP and Congress, but demands for conditional support to next government are there.
Some came off the horizon at a constant rate, I would guess they were about 30 seconds apart from each other and seemed to be equidistant from each other coming one-by-one.
Bahrain will be equidistant from those countries and will provide security during the major sporting event," she affirmed, pointing out the positive impact of the event on Bahrain's economy.