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hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck

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2000: A survey of equid mitochondrial DNA, implications for the evolution, genetic diversity and conservation of Equus.
The nutritional ecology of equids and their impact on the Camargue.
By describing the experience from Kazakhstan, we aim to supplement the toolbox of methods available for the capture of free-ranging wild equids.
In spite of the fact that this is an exhaustive work, the author suggests that this study can be enhanced by new discoveries and by the study of equid burials from the Aegean.
UXBRIDGE - Jay Merriam, a pioneer in equitarian outreach on behalf of the world's estimated 100 million working equids, received the President's Award during the Dec.
The two sites exhibit a notably similar composition of equid genera, including the tribes Equini (Pliohippus, Calippus, and Protohippus), and Hipparionini (Cormohipparion, Neohipparion, and Pseudhipparion).
Guy Berger, "In Search of Journalism Education Excellence in Africa: Summary of the 2006 UNESCO Project," Equid Novi, Vol.
The kunga equid is generally accepted as an onager-donkey cross, a type of 'mule', which preceded the appearance of the horse in Mesopotamia and was both stronger and faster than the only other available transport equid, the donkey.
AV PR PH Et MR E R y con los epigramas escritos en el mismo, naturalmente en latin, con los que "habla" al principe Felipe: Salve sideri tormentum dulce Philipi que natae reddas accripe regna tuis serius accipies moneo sed sera relinques nuc socer et coniux invite uterquem divi Sanguine delectat cum me victoria fuso Hunc sonat eximie que sine cede venit grata iuba et animo non iui quam martia nostro concentu multet tibi grata magis preside non equid contemno marte trihunfum dux penitus totum quam rapit almaven.
The implication is that the "other bones" were also equid, but the description in the notebook is not entirely clear, and both the container and its contents were discarded.
Considering that the Sorrel Nag, in his faithful affection for Gulliver, has been taken to represent a comparative paragon of imagination among his kind, such insensitivity towards a fellow equid would seem to demand some scrutiny within the context of species (mis) recognition.
For example, a thoroughbred is a type of a horse, which is an equid, which is a mammal and so on.
You'll also need Equid concrete bonding adhesive (it's sold in quarts and gallons).
Serological relationship between a donkey alphaherpesvirus (isolate M7/91) and equid herpesvirus type 1 and 4.