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a sign indicating that the quantities on either side are equal

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Before looking at the origins of misuse of the equals sign, we consider briefly the broader aspect of symbolic literacy in mathematics.
The item after the second equals sign is the volume of a cylinder of rice of height 'h' and diameter 'd' to go with the curry.
It would be wonderful if, after a couple of multiplication signs and the occasional square root, you came to the absolute answer on the other side of an equals sign. But that just isn't the way it works.
It was the Welsh, for example, who invented the crystal radio detector for the world's first radio transmitter and receiver, the equals sign and the first notion of fuel cells.
For instance, if the user wants to communicate "I am happy to see you," he or she would touch six tiles: the first being a stick figure pointing to itself (for "I"), the second being an equals sign (=) (for "am"), the third being a happy face (for "happy"), the fourth being a red arrow pointed to the right (for "to"), the fifth being a face with an arrow pointing to the eye (for "see"), and the sixth tile being two stick figures pointing to each other (for "you").
Similarly, Connecticut's 2nd-grade curriculum states, "Demonstrate an understanding of equivalence or balance of sets using objects, models, diagrams, numbers whole number [sic] relationships (operations) and the equals sign, e.g.
Bet even if that were to happen, it by no means implies that all genocides are the same, that one can insert an equals sign among them.
The secret ingredient is hidden in the equals sign, which represents hard work.
One major barrier for students is the inability to interpret the equals sign as anything other than a 'do something signal'.
This discovery had an explosive effect on the enpipe line's length, sending it from tens of kilometers to over forty thousand kilometers in the push of an equals sign.
In this puzzle you need to find the number in the box that gives the same answer on both sides of the equals sign. This hidden number in the box is a six, as two times six plus seven is 19 and 25 take away six is also 19.
In the "concepts to capabilities" journey, doctrine is after the equals sign.
Ira is also a regular contributor to Radio 3's The Verb, celebrating the 300th anniversary of Pi in 2006, and the 450th anniversary of the Equals Sign in 2007.