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  • verb

Synonyms for equalize

draw level


  • draw level
  • level the score
  • square the score
  • make the score level

Synonyms for equalize

to make equal

to put in balance

Synonyms for equalize


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The Committee also refused to equalize the bachelor degree in applied accounting certificate issued by Oxford Brookes University in 2010 as the study was completed at a non-licensed training institute inside the Sultanate.
Adults can greatly benefit, too, from remaining awake at the beginning and end of a flight so they can try to swallow more and partake of candy, gum or water to help equalize pressure.
There are some pilots and some (flight attendants) who have to put little tubes in their eardrums so that they can equalize the pressure,'' Ermshar pointed out.
Change-Compare problems, therefore, have certain factors that distinguish them from Change problems and, certainly, from Compare and Equalize problems.
We consider four classes of additive stories and, consequently, four classes of additive problems: Compare, Equalize, Change and Change-Compare, as described in the following paragraphs.
Although the question involved only state efforts to equalize public school funding, a proposal to equalize school funding on a nationwide basis would likely generate comparable levels of public support among suburban voters as well as urban voters.
The best way to equalize school funding can and should be the subject of a national conversation.
The agreement further provides that D will receive from C a note in the amount of $X,XXX to equalize the division.
The use of an irrevocable life insurance trust to equalize distributions while minimizing Federal estate taxes can also be an effective strategy, provided the premium cost is justified when compared to the additional Federal estate taxes that result.
I believe that ensuring future funding increases to equalize schools is a fair trade-off, and schools in our community stand to benefit substantially.
census, to equalize populations in local, state and congressional legislative districts.
The upgrade of Discover's ratings equalizes the credit card subsidiary's ratings with that of its parent, Morgan Stanley.