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In 2018, the government compensated Aramco with $40.7 billion of equalization. That is more than 10 percent of the company's entire revenue, more than the sum of the debt the government is reportedly expecting to raise in 2019, and more than 5 percent of Saudi Arabia's entire 2018 gross domestic product as estimated by the International Monetary Fund.
He gave some international instances and said Australia gives horizontal Fiscal Equalization, Belgium makes National Solidarity Intervention, Canada gives Fiscal Capacity Equalization (FCE), Germany makes Post-Unification Equalization Payments.
Relating someinternational examples, Shah said that Australia gives horizontal fiscal equalization, Belgium makes use of national solidarity intervention, Canada gives fiscal capacity equalization (FCE) and Germany makes post-unification equalization payments.
He said the equalization fund will not be an added fiscal burden because the fund is actually within the regional expenditures of the national government.
The equalization fund should be distributed based on the needs of each region, with priority to those that require support to achieve financial viability and economic sustainability as determined by the Federal Intergovernmental Commission (FIGC), Generoso added.
The property assessment equalization factor, often called the "multiplier," is the method used to achieve uniform property assessments among counties, as required by law.
The adaptive equalization algorithm based on energy extraction proposed by Won et al.
Non-parametric Modified Histogram Equalization (NMHE) [6] holds an independent parameter setting for dynamic range of images.
To achieve the goal of favorable trade-off between performance in severe multipath fading channel and complexity of signal processing, the single-carrier frequency-domain equalization (SC-FDE) has recently attracted increased interest because of its similar performance, efficiency, and low signal processing complexity advantages as OFDM, and in addition it is less sensitive than OFDM to radio frequency (RF) impairments such as power amplifier nonlinearities.
In this article, the authors demonstrate the possibility of price equalization in a two-country world with barriers to international trade.
In response to this, many employers have tax equalization policies in place that ensure expatriates are made tax-neutral (i.e., the U.S.
Contrast enhancement with histogram equalization is one of the most important and widely used techniques of DIP.
Erol Rizaov analyzes for Utrinski vesnik that in the last few years, the equalization in Macedonia has obtained concerning dimensions and it is closer to the once firm eastern regimes than to the Yugoslav leveling of the salaries.
According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Water and Power, the government has imposed fresh taxes on the consumers in the name of equalization (EQ) surcharge.
ISLAMABAD -- According to the notification issued by the Ministry of Water and Power, the government has imposed fresh taxes on the consumers in the name of equalization (EQ) surcharge, Local TV reported.