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the doctrine of the equality of mankind and the desirability of political and economic and social equality

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Therefore, the process of securing social right may cause erosion in class differences (conflict) and enhance citizen equalitarianism. While threatening class advantages may stimulate defensive reaction and the economically dominant class defends their position against developing and extending social rights.
He shatters the favorite myth of people that culture and equalitarianism can co-exist.
Indeed, group selection tends to remain a "pariah concept," among those ideologically inclined towards equalitarianism. Any attempt to explain group differences in abilities and behaviors in biological terms, or in terms other than socio-economic, can still be met with hostile denunciation by equalitarians (Pearson, 1991).
With these remarks, Stiglitz has presented a traditional liberal brief that favors a more equitable distribution of wealth in terms of three core principles: equalitarianism, economic efficiency, and a more important role for government.
In turning to equalitarianism, he notes the complaints that the rich pollute more and replies that growth also increases the demand for a better environment, leads to cleaner technologies including ones developed to respond to environmental regulations, and thus allows latecomers to develop both without going through initial pollution and with greater ability to reduce pollution.
And once they started destroying slavery, a kind of latent equalitarianism surfaced in the North and they celebrated themselves for ending slavery.
It did not, however, signal gender equalitarianism. The Sri Lankan bhikkhunis and even the donor nuns of Daxingshan Nunnery were set behind the monks in the ceremony.
Christian theology therefore cannot accept pantheism nor biotic equalitarianism that ascribes all beings the same value.
I am not advocating that those who want to compete or to achieve excellence should be prevented from these pursuits for the sake of establishing a kind of feel-good equalitarianism in the manner that Gardner (1984) discussed.
The Sudanese Sufi Islam's glorious tendencies of peaceful co-existence, equalitarianism, tolerance of social differences, and emphasis on humanitarian relations was nothing but a huge product of the African-Christian-Islamic merges of the country's cultures and beliefs.
She must create a new style of art that bridges the Old and New Worlds, Puritan society and Jacobean art, patriarchy and equalitarianism, and sin and atonement.
Religious fundamentalism in Islam presents another model: authoritarian equalitarianism, where freedom is sacrificed for a sense of equality.
This character was "marked by fierce individualism, pragmatism, and equalitarianism. Thus fundamentally transformed as a people, Americans built their commitment to democracy, escaped the perils of class conflict, and overran a continent" (Cronon 1987, 157).
Though Paine had been a hero of the American Revolution, his association with rabid equalitarianism made him persona non grata even among many of the most rabid Jeffersonian democrats during the seventeen-nineties.