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a person who believes in the equality of all people


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Not only equalitarian traditions are invited to tread the high-tech route, and certainly in an institutional sense (whatever may be the case for some members of that institution) this is not a tradition with which the modern university has been closely associated.
The evidence, it seems, is clear: these publics want a more equalitarian polity.
However, several studies have demonstrated that there are certain situations in which collectivists do not prefer equalitarian allocation.
The other response to the Aboriginal welfare problem was equalitarian racism.
We are like racial equalitarians after 1896, dreaming of overturning Plessy v.
hostility dimension provides perceptions of the parent as being positive, sharing, affectionate, supportive, and equalitarian in treatment versus perceptions of the parent as being ignoring, neglecting, and rejecting.
Minor claimed (unsuccessfully) that the federal Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote; one on African Americans and equalitarian constitutionalism; one on the relation of Victorian moralism and civil liberty; one on nineteenth century drug laws; one on commitment law in Alabama; and finally one on municipal reform in Chicago.
34) A flouting of traditional morality and equalitarian modesty had coincided with the expansion of Venice onto the terra firma.
Fourth, Beiner's reluctance to consider traditional religion, nationalism, or ethnic identity--which, like socialism, tend toward an equalitarian ideal (albeit within one's own community)--as possible answers to the problem of community, seems programmatically to leave most human societies--possibly excepting America--devoid of their essential definitional contents.
When a given pie is redivided in a less equalitarian manner, it is uncertain whether those already undertaking illegal activity will increase or decrease their activities, since the return to illegal activities is countered by the loss due to punishment (which is more painful to a criminal who failed) on one hand, and from the cost of the sacrifice of utility from legitimate activities on the other hand.
Also, the crowds were somewhat swayed by the equalitarian moral teachings of poor clergymen and perhaps also by the teaching and radical interpretation of the Gospels by John Wycliff, a radical theologian of Oxford.
Thus, in most cases, interaction was also more "friendly" and equalitarian than the typical interaction in the traditional classroom.
She was, according to Maxwell Geismar, " an aristocrat in an equalitarian order, an agrarian writer in an industrial order, a defender of the spiritual graces in the midst of an increasingly materialistic culture.
The HDK also called on all peoples of Turkey to struggle for a democratic, equalitarian, free, pluralist, social, ecological and "pro-self-government" constitution, but warning that such a constitution cannot be made while fundamental rights are being violated in the mainly Kurdish cities of Turkey.