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Instead of using solvent-borne epoxy resin cuts with 25 percent weight solvent content, water-borne epoxy dispersions are available at 5 percent, or even o percent weight solvent content.
The new epoxy resin system, EPON(TM) FlameX Resin 9600 / EPIKURE(TM) FlameX Curing Agent 9700, is halogen and phenolic free and, in infused glass laminate composite parts, has passed various burn tests for vertical burn, smoke density and smoke toxicity.
Composites are expected to lead the epoxy resin market with the highest CAGR during the forecast period.
The total market for European epoxy resin has been analyzed based on the current proceedings in the industry at the commercial level.
The aim of our research is to prepare a stable homogeneous epoxy resin with lignin and study the effect of introduction of biomass component--lignin on the thermal-mechanical properties of polymeric material.
The main objective was to explore the effect of even-odd alkyl groups and ether linkages in the hardener on the thermal stability of epoxy resin.
In pe present work pe dielectric properties of composite of epoxy resin wip and wipout fillers are investigated in a wide range of frequencies at different pickness.
Keywords Self-stratifying coating, Schiff base, Epoxy resin, Organic coating
The effect of the immersion time in boiling water on the contact angle of the cured epoxy resin modified with the different amounts of the fluorinated copolymer are shown in Fig.
ClickPress, Fri Oct 03 2014] Epoxy Resin Market by Application (Paints & Coating, Wind Turbine, Composites, Construction, Electrical & Electronics, Adhesives) and Geography - Trends & forecasts to 2019
Bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin are major raw materials in the production of epoxy resins and any change in the demand and supply of these raw materials could have a major impact on the epoxy resin industry.
Huntsman is meeting manufacturers' demands for faster processing and shorter production cycles with its epoxy resin systems for High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding (HP-RTM).
MSC) is increasing its waterborne epoxy resin production in Europe.
Apollo controls formaldehyde resins manufacturer Borden and epoxy resin product firm Resolution which both sell globally.