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If you want to fix the candleholders permanently in the jars, use Superglue or epoxy glue.
The unit was assembled using M5 screws and bonding with epoxy glue.
The tests of the box girder enclosed the analysis of the behaviour of the girder strengthened with use of additional plates glued to very slender webs by a two-component epoxy glue.
Use a quality two-part epoxy glue product like the West System to bond the ferrule insert into the pole sections.
After that, we deposited a slight amount of this powder as an even layer on a thin copper wire by epoxy glue.
Wind the plumbing washer onto the screw until it reaches the screw base and secure with a small drop of epoxy glue.
Polyurethanes are thermosets, a class of resins that form when two or more chemicals react in the mold with one another, much like a two-part epoxy glue.
Two-part epoxy glue is rock-hard, fills huge gaps, bonds to almost anything and dries very quickly.
In the '40s, epoxy glue was used to stick acoustic tiles on the walls and removing the tiles has brought down chunks of plastic.
Buy tubes of epoxy glue, clean your pottery pieces, and then mix a batch of the glue.
Instrument maker Boosey & Hawkes, for example, offers a line of oboes and clarinets made from a heat-treated mix of African blackwood sawdust, carbon fiber and epoxy glue.
If the seat splits use carpenter's glue, or epoxy glue, and clamps to fasten the two pieces together.
TeleKit's instructions recommend using the supplied epoxy glue to mate the kit's wooden parts.