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being or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym


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and Celeste Miranda, founder and CEO of The Cannabis Marketing Lab, hosts the eponymously named radio show every Tuesday at 12 PM PST.
Named eponymously after its French founder, this classy bistro, bakery and restaurant is where you can enjoy a confluence of tastes - not just from Spanish Andalusia and the French Alsace where Bertin came from, but also from the plains of Morocco.
Asked by chat-show host Ross whether a move to Major League Soccer in the United States or the Middle East would appeal, Ronaldo, who is promoting his eponymously titled new documentary, said: "In my mind I want to finish at the top level.
Summary: On a recent visit to India, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of his eponymously named firm Dell Inc, spoke at a select media roundtable which included Venkatesha Babu of Business Today.
Summary: 'Tis the season for lavender; or at least it is at Alice Edde's eponymously named boutique in the coastal town of Jbeil.
The Oud cluster eponymously houses oud and perfume shops, abayas, ladies garments and tailoring and embroidery services and contains 64 retail units, while the Talli cluster comprises 54 retail units that are being leased to to F&B operators; restaurants and coffee shops, as well as general trading companies selling jewelry, gems and stones, handcrafts and home appliances.
WindEnergy Hamburg 2014, one of the most prominent sector trade fairs, will take place between 23 and 26 September in the eponymously named German city.
On April 16, 1964, The Rolling Stones' first album, eponymously titled ''The Rolling Stones,'' was released in the United Kingdom by Decca Records (a slightly different version debuted in the United States a month-and a-half later).
The eponymously named restaurant is run by Chef Damon Baehrel who grows every component of every preparation created by him on his 12-acre property, the New York Daily News reported.
Alexandra Ferguson, head of the eponymously named company that makes decorative pillows from recycled goods, all made in the U.
Having built his eponymously named company into a global giant, he naturally rolled up his sleeves and set out to revitalize the Gotham economy.
We did not opt to hide behind companies but we carried out our bank transactions, as we always do, eponymously and with full transparency.
Adam Sultan is a real-life Austinite--a musician, composer, dancer, writer, performer and teacher, and he plays his affable self in the eponymously named show.
The greyhound is the sole subject of all paintings in Sarah Canright's eponymously titled exhibition.
In 2011, the 44-year-old Australian also starred in a musical production, based on his own life, eponymously titled "Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway," that was directed and choreographed by William Caryle.