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Synonyms for eponymic

being or relating to or bearing the name of an eponym


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Though the eponymic expression may have originated with an honorific intention, this original intent often fades from memory through frequent and casual use, and the expression stays in use while its users remain ignorant (and unconcerned) about who its eponym might be.
Because the practical purpose of eponymy is to communicate ideas efficiently, useful eponymy requires only that the eponymic expression have a commonly accepted meaning.
Though the wounded pride of frustrated potential eponyms is not to be taken lightly, in the grand scheme of things not much damage is done by eponymic inaccuracy, as long as the practical function of eponymy is not impaired.
The eponymic dish is grayish brown and made of twice-ground offal residue boiled in vinegar.
The "Sims position" and "Sims speculum" are eponymic tributes to his accomplishments.
Every day physicians refer to the "Sims position" and use the "Sims speculum," eponymic tributes to his accomplishments.
Such an analysis would suggest that the play contains a moral not only for its eponymic hero but also for his pseudo-intellectual tempters.
Possessing neither the awesome faith of an Abraham nor the stoic equanimity of an Isaac, Jacob is, nevertheless, chosen to be the bearer of Divine blessing and the eponymic father of Israel.
Jacob is the real Israel: the Israel of flesh and blood which, like its eponymic father, will travel an uneven and difficult road with God.