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the person for whom something is named

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the name derived from a person (real or imaginary)

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Following is a partial listing of eponyms for your students.
This trying, this stuttering, is formalized at the level of the name: the eponym is itself a kind of slow stutter.
1) The eponym referring to congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts was suggested by Howard and Davenport in 1997 in recognition of Abernethy.
He is the eponym of the Bektashi Sufi order and is considered as one of the principal teachers of Alevism.
Scientists interested in the origins of species names in general and sharks in particular will relish Sharks: An Eponym Dictionary, with its attention to covering the vernacular and scientific names of sharks and their relatives.
The beautifully crafted collection is an eponym of Nouf Nasser Al-Meer, artist, designer and entrepreneur of the luxurious label, a statement said.
Which man, whose name is now an eponym, led the disastrous charge of the Light Brigade?
The eponym "Amyand hernia" was first suggested by Creese in 1953, then by Hiatt and Hiatt in 1988, followed by Hutchinson in 1993, in honor of Claudius Amyand (1680-1740) who performed appendectomy in an 11-year-old boy having perforated appendix as a content of inguinal hernia in 1735.
For Brun, Demons' syndrome should include benign genital tumors, the Demons-Meigs eponym must be reserved for the description of ovarian fibromas and granulosa cell tumors, and the Demons' pseudosyndrome for all other entities (1).
Frances bore a daughter, Ruth, who may or may not have been the candy bar's eponym.
A cosmetics entrepreneur she was the founder and eponym of company Helena Rubinstein, Incorporated, which made her one of the world's richest women.
But in the case of Simon Boccanegra we weep for two old men, reconciled at the end of a lifetime's enmity, the eponym already in his death-throes brought about by politically-motivated poisoning.
Therefore, there is a need to include a new term in anatomical terminology, "umbilical spinous line", which would serve as a morphological referent for location on the given line, a specific point of auscultation of the vermiform appendix known from years ago by the eponym of McBurney's point.
Being awarded an eponym is regarded as an honor in science or in medicine: "eponymity, not anonymity, is the standard" [1].