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highly significant or important especially bringing about or marking the beginning of a new development or era

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85, 88 (2003) (asking why "the renaissance of neo-retributivism [has] also been the age of epochally harsh punishment").
It was one of those events epochally dividing history into a before and after," notes Lewis (Lewis 1993: 277).
0 that he believes has epochally supplanted what has gone before--then on page 375 he says, 'this is the point in the book where I have to make a confession.
He was as Lord Black, chairman of the Telegraph Group, writes in a perceptive foreword to this uniquely interesting book, a talented media proprietor, an epochally stylish titan and a considerable though erratic influence on public policy.
Within the novel itself, Wolf explores the dialogic through her apparent fusion with Cassandra's epochally distant voice, creating a relation between author and character that Bakhtin terms "double-voicing," in which "within the boundaries of a single utterance, two potential utterances are fused, two responses are, as it were, harnessed in a potential dialogue" (361).