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membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body

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The details of the case suggest that the mucinous tumour may have originated from a sequestered segment of the renal pelvic epithelium in the renal parenchyma.
The HSCORE was calculated using the following equation: HSCORE = [SIGMA] Pi (i+1), where i is the intensity of the stained epithelium (1 = weak, 2 = moderate and 3=strong), and Pi is the percentage of stained epithelial cells for each intensity varying from 0 to 100%.
Breaching of the intact intestinal epithelium was associated with a number of diseases.
The anterior midgut presents a single epithelium of prismatic cells with a median-basal nucleus containing decondensed chromatin and a nucleolus (Fig.
The tubal epithelium of serous TIC is characterized by (1) increased nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio with more rounded nuclei, (2) loss of cell polarity, (3) prominent nucleoli, (4) absence of ciliated cells, and (5) mitotic activity.
EBK is the safest option available, and enables creates the perfect conditions for less painful epithelium growth and more satisfied patients.
The spermepithelium interaction assay was used to assess in vitro binding capacity of sperm to the epithelium of the SST, according to the method described by Steel and Wishart (1996).
Grafting mucosal epithelium from the animal's buccal floor onto the endoluminal surface of the prosthesis.
Mucin lubricates the apical surface of epithelium and provides a barrier against pathogen.
Similarly, we did not find viral antigen in bronchiolar epithelium in the lung sections.
The initial contact and subsequent invasion of alveolar epithelium by the bacterium involves a series of proteins and lipids and these signaling events influence the outcome of the invasion process.
05% crystal violet detected Barrett's epithelium with 89% sensitivity, 86% specificity, and 88% diagnostic accuracy in 100 patients with suspected short-segment Barrett's esophagus.
ABSTRACT Histologically, the epithelium of the digestive tract is pseudostratified columnar type, which is composed of 3 kinds of cells (i.
In some areas the epithelium was attenuated with significant enlarged, hyperchromatic nuclei and a somewhat disorganized pattern of growth.
The first, the main olfactory epithelium, depends upon nasal-cell-surface proteins, called olfactory receptors, to recognize odors.