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Synonyms for epitaph

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an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there

a summary statement of commemoration for a dead person

References in classic literature ?
Great-Grandmother seemed to run short of rhymes at the last of the epitaph," commented Dan.
I think Grandmother King intended the last of the epitaph to be in blank verse," said Felicity with dignity.
Up and down the long grassy aisles they wandered, reading the quaint, voluminous epitaphs, carved in an age that had more leisure than our own.
Hereupon Homer remembered the oracle and, perceiving that the end of his life had come composed his own epitaph.
Harris, however, revels in tombs, and graves, and epitaphs, and monumental inscriptions, and the thought of not seeing Mrs.
It has been used as a prison for political offenders for two or three hundred years, and its dungeon walls are scarred with the rudely carved names of many and many a captive who fretted his life away here and left no record of himself but these sad epitaphs wrought with his own hands.
Last Laughs and Prehistoric Epitaphs is a quirky children's books of wacky epitaph poems in honor of extinct species, from dinosaurs to woolly mammoths and more.
The close readings by the author are from Naipaul's A Way in the World, Brathwaite's Barabajan Poems and Walcott's Omeros, and thus, demonstrate how the project of writing one's critical epitaph becomes an overriding thematic concern as well as an important source of stylistic innovation in the work of the three writers.
5 million programme of work planned for the Epitaph Slip, near Knights Point, north of Haast, following a recent geotechnical review.
The epitaph shows the individual's life passages as well as clan descent and social networks.
Var of Russian towing boat passing of the Turkish coasts just near the epitaph writing "Stop voyager".
Corral, Epitaph dramatizes the shootout and its aftermath.
According to Epitaph, Tom describes "Gravedigger" as a song "people could mosh their brains out and sing their heads off at the same time.
mourning, many remembered Mandela's prophetic words that will stand as a fitting epitaph to the father of South Africa's freedom.
I found five conceptual mappings for the metaphors excerpted from the English epitaph subcorpus, namely DEATH IS A JOURNEY (49 OCCURRENCES), DEATH IS A REST / A SLEEP (39), DEATH IS A JOYFUL LIFE (34), DEATH IS A LOSS (7) AND DEATH IS THE END (3).