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It grows either terrestrially or epiphytically on the floor of Brazilian forests, and I have found that if its medium or leaf axils are permitted to dry out you will see dry, brown leaf tips and margins very quickly.
It often grows in loose mats in moist, shaded places in quebradas, particularly under ferns such as Lophosoria; it has also been collected under ferns on rocky slopes, where it forms more or less compact mats, as well as growing epiphytically on tree ferns, such as on Dicksonia stems.
In Jamaica (Kelly 1985) only 25 % of the total flora were epiphytes, in La Selva they comprise 25 % and in Centinela Ridge this proportion grows to 35 % (Both in Gentry and Dodson 1987b), in Costa Rica (Ingram et al 1996) 25 % of total species were expected to grow epiphytically and in Macae de Cima (Fontoura et al.
He concludes that the Ericaceae tend to be altitudinal specialists and often grow epiphytically. There is an apparent evolutionary trend toward animal-dispersed seeds and hummingbird-po llinated flowers.