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Also, many researchers have reported that manipulating numbers of the epiphytic LAB can be improved by using fermented juice of epiphytic LAB as a silage additive obtained by macerating crop silage with water and anaerobic incubating for 2 days (Denek et al.
Effect of crushing unhulled rice and the addition of fermented juice of epiphytic lactic acid bacteria on the fermentation quality of whole crop rice silage, and its digestibility and rumen fermentation status in sheep.
Epiphytic cells were examined with an inverted microscope Nikon TS-100 (Nikon, Tokyo, Japan) and photographed with a digital camera mounted on the microscope's eyepiece (Cyber-shot DSC-W300, Sony, Tokyo, Japan).
According to our previous experiment (not published), some epiphytic LAB contribute to the good fermentation quality of common vetch, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass silages at low environmental temperatures in Tibet, and these were a good donor source for low temperature-resistant LAB isolation.
Further, the epiphytic flora composed of hetero fermentative microorganisms implies a higher production of acetic acid and 1,2-propanediol, which is later transformed into propionic acid (Muck, 2010).
The size of the Orchidaceae and the systematic distribution of epiphytic orchids.
Glasswort stems had no epiphytic hydroid and only hydrocauli fragments were present on the macrophyte.
Floristic changes of epiphytic flora in the Metropolitan Lisbon area between 1980-1981 and 2010-2011 related to urban air quality Ecol.
Since this is the first study on the bacterial ecology of date palm tree, no published work was found in the literature cited and the microbiological information is limited, no information known about the diversity of the epiphytic bacteria associated with different parts of date palm tree growth in east Algeria, such as leaves and trunk, as well as bacteria living on fruits surfaces.
Distribution and ecology of epiphytic bryophytes and lichens in dry evergreen forest of Guyana.
The present study evaluated the richness of vascular epiphytic species in seasonal semideciduous forest fragments subjected to the direct influence of the small Santa Fe hydroelectric system, Itapemirim River Basin, State of Espirito Santo.
Epiphytic bromeliads inhabit relatively nutrient and water deprived environments (Luettge, 1985; Benzing, 1990; Zotz and Hietz, 2001).
The epiphytic cacti usually have a faster germination, and, in some cases, the seeds start the germination inside the mature fruit, as also happen in some species of Disocactus.
Diverse Tulasnelliod fungi from mycorrhizas with epiphytic orchids in an Andean cloud forest.
There's endophytic fungi that grows on the inside fibres and epiphytic fungi on the outside.