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Effect of isolation on the structure and nutrient content of oak epiphyte communities.
Disjunctions between eastern Brazil and the western Amazon are known for other vascular plants, for example in epiphytes (Freitas et al.
Following independent variables were entered: diameter of tree trunk at breast height (DBH), tree height, relative height of the lowest branch, total number of holes (both on trunk and in the crown), and total number of epiphytes (both on trunk and in the crown) (see supplementary Table S4, available online at http://dx.doi.org/10.1636/JoA-S-16-033.S4).
Such soils can exist for a long time in the form of undecomposed organic matter that is stabilized by various kinds of epiphytes, and the rate of organic matter decomposition in the canopy compared with that in the litter may change over time [13].
Epiphyte biomass and nutrient status of a Colombian upper montane rain forest.
Linear regression analysis of dry weight of epiphytes on amphipods density was carried out to determine the influence of epiphyte load on the occurrence of the amphipods.
A total of 413 plants species were recorded at higher elevation, of which 75 were tree, 86 shrub, 193 herb, 25 climber, 12 pteridophyte, 11 bryophyte, 7 epiphyte, and 4 parasitic species.
The density of the seagrass canopy and shoot size can significantly modify epiphytic biomass, presumably due to effects of light penetration [9,10], whereas shoot morphology, leaf, and stem ages can influence epiphyte distribution and abundance due to differences in the surface area that is available for epiphyte settlement [11,12].
The antennules of the specimen were densely covered with the filamentous epiphyte, which was expected to change the prawn's behaviour in terms of food and mate perception (Bauer, 1989).