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relating to the epiphysis of a bone


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The patients were radiologically evaluated by considering the center-edge (CE) angle, femoral neck-shaft angle, epiphyseal quotient, and Severin classification on hip radiographs (Figure 3) in the pre- and postoperative controls (9).
Multiple epiphyseal dysplasia is a relatively rare skeletal dysplasia characterized with early osteoarthritis (OA) resulting in joint dysfunction, particularly in knee and hip joints, and short stature in childhood.
25) This rare variant of osteosarcoma can be difficult to distinguish from CBT, as both tumors can present in young patients as a lytic lesion in an epiphyseal location.
BFHD is an autosomal dominant skeletal disorder that has some features of ANFH such as narrowing of the joint space, a shallow acetabulum, and irregular proximal epiphyseal lines between the femur and marginal osteophytes.
In this way, the cartilage in the epiphyseal plate is gradually replaced by new bone.
Distal tibial epiphyseal wedging, in which the lateral distal tibial epiphysis grows more slowly than the medial distal tibia, can occur after any type of insult to distal fibular growth.
Further to this, the small blood vessels enter posteriorly to the capitellar epiphysis and extend over the epiphyseal cartilage, which is a site of significant contact and compression.
This cream should be supplied with an insert making it absolutely clear that oestrogen exposure results in epiphyseal fusion and growth plate senescence resulting from the death of proliferating chondrocytes in developing bones.
Delivery and installation of edge protection profiles made of stainless steel, about 40 mAttaching permanently elastic sealant based on silicone as epiphyseal closure, about 350 mDelivery and installation of glass back mirrors dimensions about 1.
The epiphyseal perfusion was checked by drilling a 2-mm hole in the anterior femoral head.
This text outlines a system of decision making in pediatric orthopedics for the treatment of deformities, dislocations, deficiencies, discrepancies of limb length, decreased joint mobility, paralyses, epiphyseal and physeal problems, infections, and acquired defects in long bones.
It is also contraindicated to apply ultrasound directly over active epiphyseal regions (growth plates) in children, over the spinal cord in the area of a laminectomy, or over the eyes, skull, or testes.
Junction of cartilage cap and underlying bone without atypia and resemblance to an epiphyseal plate with enchondral ossification.