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Synonyms for epilogue

Synonyms for epilogue

a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by an actor at the end of a play

a short passage added at the end of a literary work

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At the helm of Epilogue's kitchen is Hiroyuki Meno, a brilliant chef who has previously worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in France and Japan including Domaine Les Haut Roches in Loire, L'Auberge De L'ill in Tokyo and Le Pont de Ciel in Osaka.
Yet, experts add that the entire epilogue of the lustration will be incomprehensible if at the end there is no rehabilitation of victims who were followed by the secret services.
The framing text in early modern English drama; 'whining' prologues and 'armed' epilogues.
According to Kidnie, the page featuring the Humorous Magistrate epilogue bears a watermark that does not match the rest of the play's watermarks, an anomaly, she says, that 'may indicate that this epilogue was a late addition to the manuscript'.
The characters are supposed to be 35 at the time of the epilogue.
That Betty Goodfield, a character that fits into the same line, should have been given to her seems only logical, and the possibility that this was so is strengthened by an allusion in the Epilogue to Thomas Durfey's Madam Fickle (1676).
The epilogue hints at book three, which will include a new operation over the border.
Concluding with the epilogue "How to Stay Gripped by the Greatness of God", Pastor MacDonald's theological treatise is very strongly recommended reading for Christians of all denominations who are searching for an in-depth grasp of the timeless scriptures comprising the Book of Isaiah.
Originally published during the Regan presidency when the Soviet Union was still a superpower, Strategies of Containment includes a greatly expanded chapter eleven, about Reagan, Gorbachev, and the completion of containment, as well as a new epilogue. A welcome scrutiny of history with the advantage of post-Cold War hindsight.
The final chapter, an epilogue, looks at 1968, the year of revolutions, Tafuri's dismissal of architectural development since the Enlightenment as 'walking in lock-step with capitalism and thus in an insoluble state of crisis', and with the arguments between Kenneth Frampton and Denise Scott Brown about the nature of culture dominated by capitalist symbols.
The book concludes with a fascinating what-if epilogue. It is highly recommended for readers who relish 20th-century history in general and the modern history of science in particular.
The book is divided into four parts, with an epilogue and an essay,
Dancer Segarra and bassist Cabrera end the work with a brief, poignant epilogue, "What's Heart Got to Do With It?" Here, Soto shows us more than simple nostalgia for a lost home; instead, she reveals how memories of the past, anomie in the present, and the quest for a safe harbor in the future all come together in the wisdom of the body.
The bulk of the book, which is divided into two parts, covers her parents, bet childhood, adolescence and coming of age as poet, lesbian, and public figure--what De Veaux calls her "first life," defined by themes of "escape, freedom and self actualization." The "second life," covered in one brief chapter and an epilogue, starts in 1978 with her diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent mastectomy, ending in 1986 with her move to St.
Holmberg utilizes these manuscripts, especially the letters written by William Clark to his brother, to craft a new epilogue and answer questions about the strained "master-servant" relationship between York and Clark long after the expedition ended.