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Synonyms for epilogue

Synonyms for epilogue

a short speech (often in verse) addressed directly to the audience by an actor at the end of a play

a short passage added at the end of a literary work

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As in a story, their prodigious talents are expected to come to a satisfying conclusion in Epilogue.
The epilogue will be damaging: lack of liquidity and redundancies.
5) Crucially, however, the collection did not contain either the prologue or the epilogue of The Parson's Wedding.
Will Boast, whose Power Ballads: Stories (2011) won the Iowa Short Fiction Award, cannily reverses this usual order by turning the epilogue into the entire story of his life until now.
Yet, experts add that the entire epilogue of the lustration will be incomprehensible if at the end there is no rehabilitation of victims who were followed by the secret services.
And, in fact, the epilogue does express a clearer political message than the remainder of the poem by celebrating the destruction of the Caucasian tribes and the expansion of the Russian Empire:
The story has a prologue and epilogue with historical information.
The book includes photos and an epilogue written by the editor.
It takes up the old discussion about the precise meaning and background of the customary epilogue in the books of Kings at the end of a Judahite or Israelite king's life with the reference to his death ("and he lay with his fathers"), a notice of burial in the royal tombs, and the introduction of his successor.
James Shapiro has suggested, looking at the moment in the epilogue to 2 Henry IV when the speaker kneels down "But (indeed) to pray for the Queene" (TLN 3350), that Shakespeare angled his epilogue towards court performance; he believes the epilogue to the play as we have it combines two texts, a public theatre epilogue, spoken by William Kemp and leading up to a jig ("Kemp's repeated mention of his legs and dancing signals that a jig .
Tom Felton, who plays Harry's arch-enemy Draco Mal foy, confirmed that the cast are being given "age training" so they can play themselves in the epilogue of the final film.
But many will remember him for the Epilogue, the short religious broadcast which used to bring the day's programme schedule to a close.
In October of 2007, the Vatican chose to publish original documents on the trial of the Templars; the new epilogue pays especial attention to these documents, looking beyond the hype to scrutinize the significance and legacy of one of medieval history's most famous trials.
It is thought to have been an epilogue to one of the Bard's plays.
The book is followed by an epilogue that is primarily about the impact of Abu Gharib and the continued lack of success by the West to either understand or deal effectively with Afghanistan and the conflicting powers within it.