epileptic seizure

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convulsions accompanied by impaired consciousness

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has been accused of intentionally Tweeting a flashing GIF to Newsweek Journalist Kurt Eichenwald, provoking an epileptic seizure.
Excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves through the use of mobile phones, computers, tablets, and television, may increase the risk of epileptic seizures, said Tarek Tawfik, Professor of Neurology at Cairo University and Head of the Epilepsy Division at the Egyptian Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery.
Dr Patrick McCory, a neurologist at University Hospital, Birmingham, said that epileptic seizures were usually linked with tiredness and in women with their menstrual cycle.
Sophie Leanne Drozdzik, who drowned in a canal |after suffering a suspected epileptic seizure
In contrast to a disease, there is no single etiology and/or pathology Therefore, contrary to epileptic seizure, the diagnosis of epilepsy or syndrome is not possible by only observing and/or watching the video but requires information on the age of onset, family history predisposing factors, frequency of the attack, electroencephalography (EEG) and neuroimaging data, etc.
Present study indicated that rats developed epileptic seizures after KA administration, and the behaviors of epileptic seizure included wet shakes, paw tremor, and facial myoclonia.
Nigel Constable, who had a history of violent epileptic seizures, was left with no recollection of attacking his widowed mother Betty, 79, at her bungalow in Lincolnshire.
Factors associated with preoperative epileptic seizure were supratentorial lesion and temporal lobe involvement (p=0.
Neurologists typically distinguish an epileptic seizure from a nonepileptic one by taking a careful history of the attack both from the patient and an eyewitness and then use their medical knowledge to decide whether the episode is epileptic or not, Dr.
During that time we noticed patterns of electrical activity with rapidly increasing frequency, just like glissandi, emerging in the lead-up to an epileptic seizure.
Now, a new study has unraveled a link between a protein that can modify cellular metabolism in the brain and susceptibility of an epileptic seizure.
Even more disturbing than the thought of heartworms in a pet is the sight of a cat in the throes of an epileptic seizure.
Fresh evidence established there was a reasonable possibility the toddler suffered a prolonged epileptic seizure.
She said a prolonged epileptic seizure could have caused fatal brain swelling in Kyle, and she saw nothing in the case to prove otherwise.
A tiny transmitter three times the width of a human hair can be implanted below the scalp to detect the signs of an epileptic seizure before it occurs.